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WEDINGOTH – Alone In The Crowd

Kasper Pasinski 27/02/2018 Comments Off on WEDINGOTH – Alone In The Crowd

Wedingoth is coming back after four years with new material. This French prog metal band asked their fans to wait for quite a long time. Adopting a combination of gothic female fronted metal with the typical progressive metal musicianship is a strong point for fans of both genres. The band led by Steve Segarra is sending a clear message that they are strongly heading towards a progressive style. It is easy to spot that when we are checking the track list (some songs are longer than ten minutes and the title track is divided into two parts, lasting 20 minutes altogether). Supporting this, there’s the beautiful voice of Maud Hernequet. And together with Cyril Broult on drums joined by Manon Fortin handling bass duties, Wedingoth take us into an-hour-long musical journey.

So how does this new record sound like? Everything starts with a short and peaceful intro which transits into the first part title track “Alone in the Crowd”. The nice and almost fairy-sounding voice of Maud is a bit shrouded in the mix. However, it is still perfectly synchronized with the parts provided by Cyril Broult’s atomic clock-wise tight drumming combined with a strong bass line. One of the main highlights is the fourth track on the album called “The Painter”. The tempo of the song changes a few times, it features a very smooth guitar solo and the strong vocals creates one of the best tracks on the record.

Shifting into a more gothic opera style, Maud has a great opportunity to showcase all her skills from high pitch into the magical voice in “Sing The Pain” – This ballad is definitely another highlight of “Alone in the Crowd”.

Closing this journey comes the 13 minute-long second part of the title track “Alone in the Crowd”. The band kept the main motive of the first part providing one significant difference in the sound – a lot more distortion on the guitar makes this part a lot heavier than the first. The extra heaviness does not compromise the poetic theme running in the background which connects both parts.

To sum it up, “Alone in the Crowd” is a very nice combination of gothic and progressive metal. We are presented with strong pointers combined in a way which should satisfy the fans of both genres. The Album is a very good come back work for Wedingoth and we can only hope they will not disappear for another four years.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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