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Windfaerer – Tenebrosum

Daniel Lemminkainen 06/10/2015 No Comments on Windfaerer – Tenebrosum

 Bands of pagan metal start to not only come from Europe. USA have also some groups with a word to say in this genre. Windfaerer and their new proposal “Tenebrosum” is just one more example of that. Great composition, very organic and smooth, a violin perfectly matched with the songs, a Bathory touch, heart and soul is what we find in here. Folk appears very discreetly, or it could be just an influence, but what amazes the most in here is the connection between all the songs, a journey to a very distant dark place hidden from the world. “Celestial Supremacy”, “Finisterra”, and “Tales Told In Oblivion” are songs that can drive the listener so very far away from here. Those are the songs that give shape to the album, but it’s on “Santeria” that the progressive side is explored, in a shy way to not overcome the idea of the record, but it’s there. “The Everlasting”, and “Morir En El Ovido” are songs that brings us back that old Bathory feeling, that influenced so many bands in this genre and certainly, influenced this band. Don’t expect to find in here raw black metal production, this band offers so much more than that, and possibly in the future they will incorporate something different in a genre that should not be only some kind of tribute to Bathory.




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