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Witches – The Hunt

Daniel Lemminkainen 29/09/2015 No Comments on Witches – The Hunt

 When Venom and Holy Moses collide, Witches is the result. The French band that is almost unknown, maybe due the lack of releases, although they have a lot of demos. This new album “The Hunt”, self-released, could take the band to the ears of more people. What we find is an exercise of severe thrash metal, very well produced, with powerful riffs, very strong groove, and a harsh female voice, making quite a different approach to this genre. Unfortunately, the album doesn’t have many tracks, which is a shame cause all the songs in it are really good, and by the end left the listener with the feeling that something more should be added. Still the quality is intact but feels like we are listening to an EP. Tracks like “Jump With Fright”, “So Cold” and “Serial”, will definitely make a lot of heads bang. May the hunt begin.




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