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Wolfheart – Shadow World

Daniel Lemminkainen 08/11/2015 No Comments on Wolfheart – Shadow World

 Tuomas Saukkonen laid all his previous projects to rest just to focus on Wolfheart, and after the great start, the appetite grown for the second release “Shadow World”.  Out of the shadows came a good melodic death metal exercise, with melodic parts here and there, something that Finns have mastered long ago, and Saukkonen had a great contribute to that. Two examples are the tracks “Aeon of Cold”, and “Zero Gravity”, very well balanced between heaviness and melody, always with a solo guitar underneath carrying the song all along. “Storm Centre” is probably the most defying song of the record, making keyboards and acoustic guitar sound like fresh elements, as layers of sound erupt in most parts. “Last Of All Winters” has kind of a melancholic folk touch, but it still sounds heavy, even if the listener finds it catchy somehow. There’s also room for something more progressive, as we’ll hear it in “Nemesis”. One of the reasons for the great sound on the album was that it was recorded in 3 phases: First the main work was done at SoundSpiral Audio in Kouvola, Finland, then keyboards, grand piano and additional vocals recorded at Deep Sound Studios, and finally mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.A doom melodic track with lyrics in Finnish is what the listener can expect in the last song “Veri”, something that is quite exotic for the fans of Finnish metal bands. Winter is coming, but these shadows will keep you in a safe place.




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