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WOLFMOTHER – Victorious

Vasco Baptista 28/04/2016 Comments Off on WOLFMOTHER – Victorious


 After making a name on the cult of revivalism around the classic hard rock, Wolfmother started losing edge, and word spread that the band finally met their demise, reserved to reissuing memories like the eponymous 1st album, reissued in a 10th anniversary edition.

Andrew Stockdale, however, is not a man to leave his space out of hand. In fact, Wolfmother is one of those rare alliance between a band name, and its founding lasting member, just like Lemmy Kilmister and their intrepids Motorhead. Now being pushed back to an underground band, that probably never got together on the road, Andrew Stockdale proved his worth on the Mad Max crusade, coming out of the desert w/ bit a of bittersweet comeback classic hard rock. And of course with a heavy crush on hot woman w/ high leather boots.

The self-titled single brings to mind why Wolfmother were such a breakthrough. The low-fi arrangements of the 70’s, with a heavy bass groove, and unclean guitar sound, that made their landmark. No only the sound but the imagery as well. The sci-fi martian incursions that made the b-series of the retrofuturism liger on through Stockdale’s juvenile imagination of sexual arousement.

Still the legacy sound of the pure hard stoner rock of the 70’s that rose Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and others from the shadows, is revived in each and every chord. Not as powerful as the self-titled album, since Stockdale banned this project as a joint-venture incursion, the tracks still leave their mark. The rhythms are catchy and the sound arrangements iconic, although it won’t get them out of the underground layer to where they’ve been reset.




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