Tuesday 07th February 2023,
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Yellow Dog Conspiracy – Confrontation

The debut record of the Portuguese hard rock Yellow Dog Conspiracy “Confrontation”, reveals a bunch of talented musicians, who have been hidden in the shadows far too long, that finally record their first album!

The songs are very well produced and there isn’t a single instrument that overshadows the other, and the voice of Vice is always on spot during all the record. Songs like “Enough is Enough”, “Falling Into You”, “Break It Down”, “Cocaine To the Vein”, “Hello My Friend”, “Skinny Little Man”, and “Somebody Else” are some of the highlights of an album with great riffs by Luiz Arantes and J. Delle Chiave. We can also find some well written lyrics, which doesn’t fall into the trap of being sleazy all the time, since there’s also in here something more than rock n’roll for the listener to discover.

There’s a message, some social critic, some kind of heads up to what’s going on around us, but in the end, the listener will hit the play again, because the quality in here, can’t go on unnoticed. Still looking for label, this is an independent release that definitely should be listen by fans of alternative music (rock / metal), but if it gets the luck of reaching the right hears, it go so much further than that. Let’s hope so.

For now, the listeners have here a great album for another hot summer coming!


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing Editor: Rita Limede



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