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Report: SATYRICON Nemesis Divina 20th anniversary show @ Rockefeller, Oslo

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Report: SATYRICON Nemesis Divina 20th anniversary show @ Rockefeller, Oslo

Some while we travelled to Oslo, Norway, to witness a special event at this big venue called Rockefeller, event that sounded to us like a must see since the first time we heard the news about it last year, the decision was made and finally we were there to see SATYRICON performing their milestone “Nemesis Divina” played in its entirety, celebrating the 20th anniversary.

This concert was also included on the Rockefeller’s 30 years Jubileum, with daily concerts from various bands and artists from different music genres since 19the February until 19th March, and as a curiosity told by Satyr himself on his official statement concerning this show, the very first show that Satyricon ever played was the release concert for Nemesis Divina at this same Rockefeller back in 1996. So it’s been 20 years since Satyricon made its live debut as a band, 20 years since they released Nemesis Divina and at the same show they played with Darkthrone and Dissection.

So this show was totally sold out and the venue completely packed exactly like at the first time, fans travelled from different countries to see the band, lots of exclusive merchandise was also sold well. There was a guest band as support act, The Good, The Bad and The Zugly, but unfortunately we missed it while entering at the Rockefeller. But for Satyricon, the expectations were super high and the anxiety was visible in many faces in the audience.

Satyricon did a brilliant and intense performance, starting their set with “The Rite Of Our Cross”, dividing it into 4 acts, playing the greatest hits, and travelling into a deep past through “Walk The Path Of Sorrow” or leading everyone “To The Mountains”, and including Nemesis Divina songs into the 3rd act, leaving the most wanted for the end – the one that got a huge over reaction, everyone sang it letter by letter – Mother North, it is!;  and Satyr under a very emotional state, proved that he’s strong and kept very well his frontman role, being communicative and thanking all the people from abroad to be present on that special night, setting everyone and everything on fire with “K.I.N.G.” .  Satyricon is very professional live and rarely disappoints.

Nemesis Divina 20th Anniversary show is now a unique celebration, a night to remember, nice atmosphere in the audience with old and new generations of fans fraternizing together, good sound during the show, lots of emotions floating in the air, the total delivery of the band since the first until the last minute, the two moments when they all came up to salute the audience, expressing their gratitude for being there, all of this will be engraved in our memories and hearts forever.

Words by: Sandra Luna Steele
Photos by: Sandra Luna Steele and Arash Taheri

Special thanks to Rune Valle Tangen and to the Rockefeller Crew.



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