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SCUM will release 1996 unpublished album

Elsa Marques 08/10/2016 News Comments Off on SCUM will release 1996 unpublished album
SCUM will release 1996 unpublished album

A one-of-a-kind album release by the almost forgotten SCUM band is expected by the end of 2016.

The five elements band is a classic Finnish death metal band that was formed in 1990 in Parikkala (East Finland). Their start coincided with the onset of the Finnish death metal scene. Quickly discovered and  started working with Quorthon (Bathory)’s in Black Mark Production label. In their short active time they released “Mother Nature” (1994), which was a straight doom/death metal album. This album was soon followed by a slightly different project  “Purple Dreams & Magic Poems” (1995).

Unfortunately the band never reached a broader audience, mainly due to the several other bands onset at the time, in their own label and in Finland that somehow overshadowed their efforts. They point out the main “competition” presented by the Swedish death metal bands on their label (i.e. Edge of Sanity / Necrophobic) and the exponential growing bands in Finland (i.e. Amorphis / Demigod). 

Twenty years ago they worked on “Garden of Shadows” (1996), that turned out as their unreleased final album. The band invested a lot of their own money and time to make it ready and send it for release, but unfortunately nothing ever happened on that sense. Soon after this, maybe demotivation and/or personal reasons lead the band to split up. 

“Garden of Shadows” album has been forgotten in some band vault till around three years ago the band started talking about releasing it. They finally got motivated and sent the original master to Blood Music, that saw the value of this mid 90’s original album.

This is a rare and maybe the first time ever in the history of extreme metal were an 20 years old original master demo, that no one ever listened, will be released. And in an attempt to recreate the envisioned release at the time, the album will include the original artwork (designed by the band in 1996), as well as original photos from the era.

Check below the details on upcoming SCUM album “Garden of Shadows” [2016]


Track list:

1. I Am Messiah
2. Golden Seeds
3. Mountain of the Hawks
4. Rise Like Morning Star
5. On the Altar of the Mystic Centuries (Prologue)
6. Trilogian Tales
7. Black Swan
8. Garden of Shadows (Epilogue)
Pre-Order available mid October 2016
Release expected on December 2nd, 2016
Artwork by Scum
Label: Blood Music

You can enjoy below the 2nd track of the album: “Golden Seeds”

SCUM band members (before split up):

Micky Jaatinen – Bass
Tony Peiju – Drums
Jani Riikonen – Guitars
Jussi Haakana – Guitar & Keyboards
P.T. Askola – Vocals

Stay tuned in the official band pages for upcoming news:

BLOOD MUSIC (Facebook)




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