Thursday 03rd December 2020,
The Black Planet


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Editorial Team

Filipe Gomes | Founder, Editor in Chief, Writter, Photographer, Webmaster
email: filipe.gomes [at] theblackplanet [dot] org

Elsa Marques | Editor in Chief, Promoter, Writter, Photographer
email: elsa.marques [at] theblackplanet [dot] org

Rita Limede | Editor in Chief, Writter, Photographer
email: rita.limede [at] theblackplanet [dot] org

Staff writers

Carolina Ventura
João Osório
Luís Rodrigues
Kasper Pasinski
Niko Savic


Carlos Pereira
Filipe Aragão
Joana Oliveira
José Serôdio
Michael Parent
Luís Pinto
Ricardo Branco
Sérgio Pelado
Vasco Baptista

We would like to thank all the current and former collaborators for their effort and dedication.