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Stam1na new album”Elokuutio” reaches Gold

Elsa Marques 11/04/2016 News Comments Off on Stam1na new album”Elokuutio” reaches Gold
Stam1na new album”Elokuutio” reaches Gold

Stam1na is a finnish heavy metal band that settled to sing in their native language after attempting the first demos in english, fact that doesn’t prevent non-fluent or non Finnish speakers to follow their career. Originally formed in 1996 in Lemi the band has been growing exponentially and all their full length albums managed to reach Gold status with hundreds of sold out shows all over the country.

Their third album “Raja” that was able to maintain the first position in the Finnish charts and sold over 15000 copies. This album took them to Wacken Open Air festival 2008 reaching a broader crowd that accepted them in full. 

They continued their impressive career, to what some claimed “they managed to achieve everything a finnish band can aim in their own country”.

Released in the 18th of March 2016 the album “Elokuutio” in one week reached the top positions of the finnish selling charts. The album also obtained several awards in the Emma awards gala and the album quality was confirmed by the selling numbers, already reaching the magical number of 10 000 copies sold.

Currently participating in the Sakara Records tour together with other finnish big sellers bands MOKOMA and DIABLO.

Stam1na, Mokoma, Diablo
La 9.4. Lappeenranta, Holiday Club Saimaa Arena, tickets Friday. 41,50 €
La 16.4. Espoo, Espoo Metro Arena, tickets Friday. 37,50 € / 48,50 €
La 30.4. Oulu, Oulu Energia Areena, tickets Friday. 41,50 €

They also successfully participate last week in the Tallin Music Week 2016. As the live video below proves the show led the crowd to ecstasy, common fact on all the Stam1na shows I managed to witness.

Here is a video from “Valtiaan uudet vaateet” song from 2012 album Nocebo as an example of why their are also known for the unusual music videos:

“Kuudet Raamit” is the track number nine of the new album and the released video is another novelty as a 360degree album.

“Elokuutio” tracklist:
1 – Ikoneklasmia
2 – Elokuutio
3 – Meidänkaltaisillemme
4 – Pala palalta
5 – Pienet vihreät miehet
6 – Mätä hohtava omena
7 – D.S.M.
8 – Marttyyri
9 – Kuudet raamit
10 – Valhe

More informations about the band, tour dates, merchandise can be found here:



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