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TORTORUM – “Katabasis” tracklist, artwork and release date

Lucifer 18/01/2014 News Comments Off on TORTORUM – “Katabasis” tracklist, artwork and release date
TORTORUM – “Katabasis” tracklist, artwork and release date

International black metal band TORTORUM’s 2nd album is going to be released on March 8th via World Terror Committee.

Here’s part of the news from the label:

Following on from their celebrated Extinctionist debut, TORTORUM waste little time in upping the ante for inventive, widescreen black  metal orthodoxy with Katabasis. The pan-international trio’s second album, Katabasis is unremittingly dark yet colored with shades of texture generally beyond the purest-of-the-pure hordes: TORTORUM strike deep into the burning heart f black metal whilst exhibiting dazzling ‘n’ daring compositional prowess. Each song is an epic in its own right, and a cursory scan of the album’s song titles – “In Nameless NonBeing,” “Into the Sixth Coil,” and penultimate closer “Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun – reveal that the band’s lyricism is as deadly committed to transcendence as their multi-hued music. The black sun rises, and it shines upon TORTORUM…

And below follows the tracklist and artwork from Katabasis:

01. Descensus
02. The Great Appetence 03. In Nameless NonBeing
04. Severance and Perseverance
05. As the Light Falls to Slaughter
06. Into the Sixth Coil
07. Open Wide the Gates of Chaos
08. Attributions to the Dead
09. Beyond the Earth and Air and Sun




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