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VAKSLEN debut album “Crucifucked” is out

Lucifer 22/12/2013 News Comments Off on VAKSLEN debut album “Crucifucked” is out
VAKSLEN debut album “Crucifucked” is out


Vakslen  is a Norwegian/American black metal cooperation between Stein Akslen (Blodsgard, V0id&Khaos) & V (Morgh, Þurs). After about 2 years in the making, ther debut album “Crucifucked” is now available, and you can contact the band directly to get your hands on a copy.

The duo has also been busy on other fronts this year, with the release of Blodsgard’s debut album Monument, and Morgh’s new album Ad Vincere. Þurs is another Norwegian/American 2-piece collaboration which V is a part of, and him & Atle Nygård seem to have new material on the way.

Below follows the tracklist, 4 tracks and artwork from Crucifucked:

01. Anti Muslim Hate Speech!
02. Untermensch
03. Sluts With Guts
04. White Pride = Black Art
05. Norge fritt!
06. Holoca$h
07. Sieg Fucking Heil!
08. Crucifucked
09. 666 Lashes
10. Sexual Satan
11. Wicked Young Man (Alice Cooper cover)
12. Satan My Master (Bathory cover)
13. Humanity Is An Artwork Gone Wrong
14. Nordisk Melankoli




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