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VALKYRJA announce RSDX as new vocalist

Lucifer 17/02/2016 News Comments Off on VALKYRJA announce RSDX as new vocalist
VALKYRJA announce RSDX as new vocalist

Swedish Black metal band VALKYRJA has announced that they’ve part ways with now former vocalist A.L., and found a quick replacement: RSDX. The Hell Militia and Weltbrand’s frontman will take control of the vocals during the almost comming US tour in support of bestial Archgoat. This change is said to be aplicable also to the european Spring concerts, namely next SWR Barroselas.

Here’s what founding guitarist S.W. had to say about these suddent news:

We have worked together for over a decade. We moved in the shadows and set ablaze what is to us known as Valkyrja. A journey fed by the passion for the forbidden, towards a horizon yet unknown, a strive constantly distracted by worldly matters. A creation that exceeds any individual value. With grief, I hereby announce that the now-former vocalist A.L will no longer participate in Valkyrja as you know it. As his presence and our creations go beyond any outer circumstances, he will, though, always have his part. Despite that, nothing can stop the wild fire we once started. We have now prepared under the surface, and we are finally ready to reveal the news. We hereby welcome our new singer RSDX, who is willing to burn and feed the hungry flames with utter dedication!

The complete dates for “The Grand Luciferian March” tour have also been announced.




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