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W.A.B. video for “…and kill the worms” & video-manifesto

Elsa Marques 14/03/2019 News Comments Off on W.A.B. video for “…and kill the worms” & video-manifesto
W.A.B. video for “…and kill the worms” & video-manifesto

The duo W.A.B release “…and kill the worms” with the recently deceased Keith Flint and a controversial video-manifesto.

W.A.B. comeback with a new music video. “…and kill the worms” featuring a controversial cover with the recently deceased Keith Flint, Prodigy vocalist. This is accompanied by the manifesto “Kill the old rockers! Kill the worms”, where they attack what they claim to be a rotten scene that has lost its essence and doesn’t know how to renew itself.

There’s no future in rock ‘n’ roll. With the passage of time we see what it has become and make us want to vomit: old glories that lost their essence long time ago but they never left; others who come back to drag their old asses one more time; tribute bands everywhere… and in the middle of this cult to the past young people are begging to play live!
In the big gigs posters there is a small print which says: “If you are 20 years old, there’s no room for you here”. The new bands are small multifunctional entities that have to take on the role of band, label, booking, promotion, merchandising, producer, and I don’t know how many more things, to end up seeing how the outdated artists are still up there due to the name of their brand and other intricacies that have nothing to do with the essence of rock ‘n’ roll.
Do the current Metallica, Misfits, Discharge, Guns N Roses, Exploited, or Slayer represent anything like that? Or our nearest case, La Polla Records, that seem to be the next to join this geriatric parade. To us, they are only just rancid trying to emulate a past of rebellion that lost long time ago. Those rock dictators are still there after 40 years entrenched on their comfortable armchair, and we would like to remind our sleeping generation that the dictators must be smashed with the guns in hand.
Don’t kill imagination! If the past was better, it’s because now we insist on not living in the present. In the eighties, people didn’t say “the 60s were better”. NO! They said: “Let’s do better than them”. That’s attitude! That’s Rock n Roll!
The current world tells us that we should wait until we are 40 years old to say what we want, but we don’t want to wait. We are 20 years old and we have something to shout NOW!



W.A.B. we are a Brutal-Punk duo with influences such as Discharge, GG Allin, Motörhead or Celtic Frost and they are releasing their first album “…and kill the worms” in 2019.

About W.A.B:

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Managing Editor: Elsa Marques



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