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Watain announce new album

Filipe Gomes 04/08/2017 News Comments Off on Watain announce new album
Watain announce new album

The new album is scheduled for release on the 5th of January 2018, via Century Media Records.

It’s been 5 years since the release of the last Watain album “The Wild Hunt”. Recently the band published a mysterious flyer teasing about an upcoming album and album release tour.


According to the shared poster they will embark on a short European tour in order to advertise the upcoming album. So far, shows in Stockholm, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; Tilburg, Netherlands; London, England; and Paris, France have been announced.

Singer Erik Danielsson during an interview to Metal As Fuck, when asked about which direction the band would take, commented:

“Orthodox black metal was the common term for a few selected bands that co-existed for a few years in the beginning of the millennia, and to my knowledge the term has since then been continuously misused and discredited by idiots, which is why we have refrained from using it in relation to Watain since many years back. Anyway, yes, we broke rules and crossed borders on “The Wild Hunt” for sure. That is one of the main things we do with this band. I do not see it as going in a certain direction however. The progression of Watain reflects the changes of a landscape – external and internal- along the path that we are destined to walk upon. When we wrote “The Wild Hunt”, our surroundings were very heavy, solemn, stern and life-altering. If we were to write an album now I think it would sound quite different. Just like each of our albums sounded different to its predecessor.”

The yet untitled album will be the sixth in Watain ‘s discography.

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