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WOLVHAMMER: New song available

Lucifer 13/05/2014 News Comments Off on WOLVHAMMER: New song available
WOLVHAMMER: New song available

American blackened sludge metal band WOLVHAMMER has revealed new details about their third studio album. It will be entitled Clawing Into Black Sun. In this new work, Wolvhammer mix “black metal, death rock, and punk into even more lethal volatile territory,” according to their label Profound Lore Records. The band also released the new single “Death Division”, available to stream on Soundcloud as a taste of the album.

Clawing Into Black Sun will be released on the 8th of July via Profounde Lore Records.

Below you can listen to the new track recently revealed:



Tracklist:                                                      wolvhammer album

01. The Silver Key
02. Clawing Into Black Sun
03. Slaves To The Grime
04. The Desanctification
05. Lethe 
06. In Reverence
07. Death Division
08. A Light That Does Not Yield



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