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Darkthrone announces new studio album “It Beckons Us All” coming April 26, 2024

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Darkthrone announces new studio album “It Beckons Us All” coming April 26, 2024

Norwegian black metal legends Darkthrone are set to unleash their latest sonic opus, “It Beckons Us All”, on April 26th via Peaceville Records.

Since their inception in 1986, Darkthrone has epitomized the essence of enigma and suspense, crafting a musical legacy that has reverberated throughout the ages. With a creative reservoir overflowing with potency, they’ve cemented their status as one of Norway’s most influential musical exports. From their seminal debut, “Soulside Journey”, to the groundbreaking trio of albums often referred to as “the unholy three” in the early ’90s, Darkthrone has continually pushed the boundaries of black metal, infusing elements of punk, doom, thrash, and death metal into their distinctive sonic tapestry.

Their latest offering, “It Beckons Us All”, serves as a profound exploration of the world around them, inviting listeners on a journey filled with exhilarating twists and challenges. From riffs that echo through icy landscapes to volcanic eruptions of sound, the album captivates with its visceral imagery, conjuring emotions that transcend the auditory realm.

Fenriz reflects on the album’s existential title, stating:

“I am having difficulties putting into words my personal feelings around the existential title ‘It Beckons Us All’. I can only hope others out there can feel the darkness that encompasses it.”

Continuing to defy genre constraints, “It Beckons Us All” showcases Darkthrone’s evolution as artists.

Nocturno comments:

“We recorded in the manner we always do, live, meaning drums and guitar, with another guitar added later. We found a new twist during this process that surely benefited this album. Fenriz did stellar clean vocals on several songs, and his way of thinking creatively made it so good. We also shared the bass work this time around. We added a lot of extra layers like solo guitars… it was just a cauldron of ideas. Instead of finding a plug-in or choir synth patch, we both recorded four vocal tracks each. Darkthrone is an ever-evolving band, as many should know by now, and this album is touching a bit into the heavy genre. I have no idea what genre we are, and have really not cared much about it, but I know for sure it’s metal.”

Recorded at Chaka Khan Studios in Oslo and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, “It Beckons Us All” is a testament to Darkthrone’s enduring vision and unrelenting passion for their craft. With artwork by the renowned Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak, the album is a haunting masterpiece that beckons listeners into the depths of darkness.

Featuring tracks such as “Howling Primitive Colonies”, “Eon 3”, and “The Bird People Of Nordland”, “It Beckons Us All” is a mesmerizing odyssey through the realms of metal, showcasing Darkthrone at their most captivating and visionary. With each note, they invite listeners to confront the beauty and ugliness of the world, reaffirming their status as pioneers of the genre.

Prepare to be spellbound as Darkthrone unveils their latest offering, “It Beckons Us All”, a testament to the enduring power of their music and the boundless depths of their artistic vision.

The album can be pre-ordered here.

Darkthrone – It Beckons Us All

01. Howling Primitive Colonies [06:30]
02. Eon 3 [05:43]
03. Black Dawn Affiliation [06:11]
04. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer [03:17]
05. The Bird People Of Nordland [07:27]
06. The Heavy Hand [04:18]
07. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet [10:03]



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