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Report: DESTROYERS OF ALL release show @ States Club, Coimbra

Rita Limede 24/03/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: DESTROYERS OF ALL release show @ States Club, Coimbra
Report: DESTROYERS OF ALL release show @ States Club, Coimbra

A musical mark was made last Saturday in Coimbra during the special release show of DESTROYERS OF ALL debut record “Bleak Fragments”, that was officially due on the 18th of March via Mosher Records. For the first time, three of the city main bands shared their home stage, and all of them gave on hell of a show, making it a night worth remembering.

The party started with TERROR EMPIRE. It’s been a year since they released their debut effort “The Empire Strikes Black” and they remain in better shape than ever. At the start of their show the room was no more than half its capacity, but that didn’t shy away their performance, and the audience reacted on the best form possible, and a small moshpit that lasted during most of the show quickly took place by the stage. The set list was entirely composed by songs from their debut record, including the singles “The Servant”, “Route Of The Damned”, and the track “Good Friends Make The Best Enemies” where they had the help of Marco Fresco (Tales For The Unspoken) and João Mateus (Destroyers Of All) on the vocals.

Next up was time for TALES FOR THE UNSPOKEN to come upon the stage. The intro served as a calling, the crowd gathered and it was on. The band started the gig with the track “Possessed”, whose title perfectly describes the band delivery and behavior playing live, specially the singer’s and bassist’s. The mosh pit picked up the pace and the heads were banging, while the band played some songs from their most recent release CO2 like “Soul For A Soul” or “Burned Alive”. Their classic “Say My Name” put everyone singing along to the chorus, and “I, Claudius” had Miguel Inglês (Equaleft) helping out on the vocals. It was, like always, a fairly good show.

Finally the most waited moment of night, when DESTROYERS OF ALL arrived to a full house and gave people what they wanted, the fresh new songs from “Bleak Fragments” their amazing debut effort. “Hollow Words” was played with technical perfection and the people were amazed. Songs like the singles “Hate Through Violence” and “Death Healer” cause the biggest commotion, but the magical moment came with the beautifully crafted musical piece that is “Tormento”, a song one didn’t expect to see being played live. To finish up, “Astral Projection” and “Into The Fire”, taken from their EP, were not forgotten. The group showed us once more that no matter how good they are in a record, their songs played live have a different and more special touch to it. Overall with was an amazing night filled with good friends and music, which ended on a high note.

Words and Photos by: Rita Limede

Special thanks to: Destroyers Of All and Mosher Records



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