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Gojira stream live version of “Global Warming”

Filipe Gomes 02/07/2018 News Comments Off on Gojira stream live version of “Global Warming”
Gojira stream live version of “Global Warming”

French death metal icons Gojira have released a live studio capture of their 2004 hit single “Global Warming”.

This track has never been played live.

The band commented:

“A few weeks ago, we played Global Warming together for the first time since the recording of From Mars To Sirius (2004). We never played it live before, as it is a challenging one to play, and place in a set list. It’s emotionally heavy, and would almost “hurt” the rest of the songs in a way. We just really wanted to do this on camera for our fans. Global warming is a reality and a relevant topic, we feel it’s good to be reminded of one of the most important challenges of our time: How to grow as a species without being a parasite to our planet, the only home we have. “We will see our children growing” is a mantra for future generations, and in a figurative way we hope the children in all of us will grow, evolve, and take action for a more compassionate and meaningful world.

Global Warming, recorded at Silver Cord Studio NY, April 2018

Engineered and mixed by Johann Meyer
Filmed by Anne Deguehegny and Bunny
Edited by Anne Deguehegny and Mario Duplantier”

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