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Isole ‘s upcoming album details

Elsa Marques 17/06/2019 News Comments Off on Isole ‘s upcoming album details
Isole ‘s upcoming album details

Melancholy will sweep over the world at the end of August. Isole ‘s upcoming album “DYSTΩPIA” is scheduled for release on the 30th of August 2019 via Hammerheart Records !

(Hammerheart Records)

1. Beyond The Horizon
2. Written In The Sand
3. The Beholder
4. You Went Away
5. Forged By Fear
6. Galenskapens Land
7. Nothingness

DYSTΩPIA cover art by Gustavo Sazes.

Album will be available as Vinyl, CD and Cassette.

ISOLE was formed under the name Forlorn back in 1990 by Crister and Daniel. Several demo tapes were recorded in the 1990’s, including Waves of Sorrow in 1994 — a recording still revered by Epic Doom Metal fans. After a few years of turmoil, in which the band suffered myriad line-up changes, I Hate Records approached them in 2003. With a newly signed contract and much motivation, the band saw it fit to adopt a new moniker, thus becoming ISOLE.

With their first releases, ISOLE was able to secure an excellent reputation within the doom metal underground. They have now elevated their status even further with their last two albums, “Bliss of Solitude” and “Silent Ruins”. Their current work, “Born from Shadows”, impressively maintains their well-earned position and lays any doubts as to their superiority to rest. The Swedish quartet understands more than any other band how to effectively merge hypnotic melodies with viscous guitar lines.


Tired (Demo – 1991)
Vivere non necesse est (Demo – 1992)
Waves Of Sorrow (Demo – 1994)
Autumn Promos (Compilation – 2005)

Forevermore (CD – 2005)
Throne Of Void (CD – 2006)
Bliss Of Solitude (CD – 2008)
Silent Ruins (CD – 2009)
Born from Shadows (CD – 2011)
The Calm Huner (CD – 2014)

About Isole:

Bandcamp / Facebook

Band lineup (from left to right):

Victor Parri – drums
Crister Olsson – guitars, vocals
Daniel Bryntse – guitars, vocals
Jimmy Mattsson – bass, vocals

Managing Editor: Elsa Marques




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