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Kampfar premieres “Mylder” video

Elsa Marques 24/03/2017 News Comments Off on Kampfar premieres “Mylder” video
Kampfar premieres “Mylder” video

The Norwegian black metal band Kampfar released a new video for “Mylder” from their 2014’s album Djevelmakt.

Kampfar in undoubtedly one of the most influential bands in their musical genre which they helped to developed along their career. Kampfar is an ancient Norse battle cry which means Odin or Wotan and the band has been proudly bracing the pagan black metal banner.

KAMPFAR was formed back in 1994, after Dolk bid farewell to his former band Mock. He wished to continue expressing himself musically and to move forward into new projects. Thomas was recruited at that time for the guitar responsibilities and soon after they started composing, releasing their self titled debut EP in 1996. They further released seven full length album: “Mellom skogkledde aaser” (1997); “Fra underverdenen” (1999); “Kvass” (2006); “Heimgang” (2008); “Mare” (2011); “Djevelmakt” (2014); “Profan” (2015). Been touring and playing in many festival and shows around the world during their career is a mere curiosity that they played live for the first time only in 2004.

Words from Ask regarding the beginning of the band:

“Thomas joined the band in 1994. What happened was that Dolk wrote the song “Kampfar” using his bass, and then needed someone to record it on guitar. Dolk and Thomas hence joined forces, and then they wrote “Hymne” together. The whole reason why Kampfar has this special sound is due to the mix between Dolk’s black metal roots, and Thomas’ classical and folkish roots.”

Check Kampfar ‘s comment regarding the new video release:

“We never managed to promote this album as well as the latter one, mainly because of complications when putting together tours, and when we so quickly went in and wrote and recorded Profan, the just as fabulous Djevelmakt did not get its fair share of attention”
“Seeing as this song is a mainstay in our live set, a statement of everything that Kampfar represents as one of the leaders of Norwegian Black Metal in this age, we felt the need to visualize it and create something unique in this time of low budget music videos.”

Enjoy the visually stunning and well directed video they recored for “Milder”:

You can enjoy and purchase Kampfar’s most recent LP Profane and Djevelmakt via their bandcamp page.


(Released January 27, 2014 by Indie Recordings)

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