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Mike Vhiles reveal a new single “Dazepam”

Filipe Gomes 12/02/2023 News Comments Off on Mike Vhiles reveal a new single “Dazepam”
Mike Vhiles reveal a new single “Dazepam”

“Dazepam” is the second single from the band’s debut album. The long-lasting “Mystic Dream Sequence” is set to be released in March on the gig.ROCKS label!

If it’s a tranquilizer we need, it’s “Dazepam” they give us. And it is to a lethargic but vertiginous universe that Mike Vhiles’ new single transports us, a commonplace of intermittent and diffuse memories, a space of alienation and self-destruction.

With a hypnotic tune and a slurred and disturbing cadence, which stands out like a sedative amidst the deafening chaos that the formation has accustomed us to, “Dazepam” takes us through an undulating journey made of slow breathing and slow reflexes. In the end, we might wake up.

The song was produced by Carlos de Jesus (Sunflowers), at Arda Studios, Porto and is available on digital platforms.

Mike Vhiles is located in Coimbra, Portugal.



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