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Preview: SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2019

Filipe Gomes 23/04/2019 Previews Comments Off on Preview: SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2019
Preview: SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2019

Being around for more than two decades of existence, the SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST became more than an obligatory stopping point for all fans of heavy metal and its more extreme subgenres. This year’s edition, which runs from April 26 to 28, promises, as usual, to gather a legion of headbangers from all around the world in the quiet village of Barroselas, located in the Viana do Castelo district. With a huge offer in what concerns the heaviest sonorities – there are more than 50 bands distributed across the three stages – all the essential ingredients are gathered for one more edition of this amazing festival.

Between the return of several unforgettable acts like SAINT VITUS, GODFLESH, BENEDICTION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER or VOMITORY and the several highly-awaited premieres in Portuguese territory, among them the MIDNIGHT, CRAFT, DEMILICH and DEAFKIDS, among others, the SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST continues to grow as an incubator to everything interesting happening in the sonic extremism scene. Thus, more than two decades after having seen the phenomenon born, the little town of Barroselas will host a true show of what is the best the underground can offer.

Also, in order to prove the eclectic vision of an event that bets on the diversity of trends within the most extreme sounds, one should visit the free entrance stage. It will remain open to all visitors and curious during the entire event, being home to the performances of twenty bands. It is precisely at SWR ARENA that, on the night of April 25th, the most resistant will be able to watch the final of WOA Metal Battle Portugal, the competition that will give the opportunity to a group of representing the Portuguese underground at the German Wacken Open Air festival. Therefore, the “battle” will be between the final warriors of this year’s contest: DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE, GROG and RÖADSCÜM.

swr barroselas metalfest


Tickets can be bought at swrfest.bigcartel.com, Ticketline and at the official stores Bunker Store, Rastilho, Clockwork Store, Unkind and Casa Pina.

26-28 April 2019 | Barroselas – Portugal | www.swr-fest.com

DAY 0 – THURSDAY 25.04.2019 – Free Entrance – 22:30/02:30
SACRED SIN | Portugal | fb.com/sacredsinpt
ELECTRIC HYDRA | Sweden | fb.com/electrichydra666
DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE | Portugal | fb.com/diabolicalmentalstate
GROG | Portugal | fb.com/grogpt
ROÄDSCÜM | Portugal | fb.com/roadscum

DAY 1 – FRIDAY 26.04.2019 – 17:00/04:00
GODFLESH | UK | fb.com/jkflesh
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER | USA | fb.com/theblackdahliamurderofficial
MIDNIGHT | USA | fb.com/Midnight-87909491643
SKULL FIST | Canada | fb.com/skullfisted
VENENUM | Germany | venenum.bandcamp.com
GRIME | Italy | fb.com/Grime666Grime
ANALEPSY | Portugal | fb.com/analepsyofficial
MORTE INCANDESCENTE | Portugal | fb.com/MorteIncandescente
WOSLOM | Brazil | fb.com/woslom
SCÚRU FITCHÁDU | Portugal | fb.com/scurufitchadu
ACID CANNIBALS | Scotland | acidcannibals666.bandcamp.com
TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL | Belgium | fb.com/TurbowarriorOfSteel
HUMANART | Portugal| fb.com/Humanart
NAKKIGA | Spain | www.metal-archives.com/bands/Nakkiga/13491

DAY 2 – SATURDAY 27.04.2019 – 17:00/04:00
SAINT VITUS | USA | fb.com/saintvitusofficial
BENEDICTION | UK | fb.com/Benedictionband
DEMILICH | Finland | fb.com/demilichband
ASCENSION | Germany | fb.com/Ascension.Germany
BIRDFLESH | Sweden | fb.com/birdfleshgrind
DOPELORD | Poland | fb.com/Dopelord666
NAMEK | Portugal | fb.com/namekgrind
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT | USA | fb.com/imperialtriumphant
BARSHASKETH | New Zealand | fb.com/Barshasketh
VACIVUS | UK | fb.com/vacivus
SON OF CAIN | Portugal | fb.com/sonofcainlowlife
GREENGO | Portugal | fb.com/Greengosmokesome
GRINDEAD | Portugal | fb.com/grindeadpt
SUMMON | Portugal | fb.com/Summonband
ARCHAIC TOMB | Portugal | fb.com/archaictomb

DAY 3 – SUNDAY 28.04.2019 – 17:00/04:00
CRAFT | Sweden | fb.com/craftblackmetal
VOMITORY | Sweden | fb.com/vomitoryband
ARKHON INFAUSTUS | France | fb.com/ArkhonInfaustus666
NERVOSA | Brazil | fb.com/femalethrash
WORMED | Spain | fb.com/wormed
DEAFKIDS | Brazil | fb.com/deafkidspunx
SERRABULHO | Portugal | fb.com/serrabulhogrind
MARTELO NEGRO | Portugal | fb.com/martelonegro
RAKTA | Brazil | fb.com/raktaraktarakta
AUROCH | Canada | fb.com/Aurochmetal
CROWHURST | USA | fb.com/crowhurstnoise
PURULENT SPERMCANAL | Czech Republic | fb.com/purulentspermcanal
PULMONARY FIBROSIS | France | fb.com/pulmonaryfibrosisofficial
CORPSIA | Brazil | fb.com/corpsiaband
DARSOMBRA | USA | fb.com/darsombra

swr barroselas metalfest

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