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Report: Galena IV – KarbonSoul + Invoke + Eterna Saudade

Melissa Poseyydon 19/03/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Galena IV – KarbonSoul + Invoke + Eterna Saudade
Report: Galena IV – KarbonSoul + Invoke + Eterna Saudade

The first Galena of 2017 was dressed in black and with a veil of nostalgia.

Eterna Saudade started the evening with its environmental rock combined with dark folk influences sound, creating a cosy romantic ambience in the venue. Sadly, the audience remained apathetic, even with the dancer Cris Aysel complementing the band’s show with her stunning performance. They created a perfect visual experience, by joining the gentleness of their movements to the ancestral sonority of the band.

After the first gig, Cris Aysel continued to make her presentation (Meleah Laff dance) all over the concert room, captivating the audience with her cheerful smile and glowing scarf that swung around her.

After a short break, where a Dj set built the dark ambience, Invoke, the ambient black metal and darkest band of the night took the stage. Their performance began with “Somnium Paradox”, title track of their first record, which celebrated its 20th anniversary. They acted determined from beginning to end, playing all songs of that record. They still had time to play one of their most recent songs, as well as a cover of “Unchanged Angle” from Rammestein. They were joined on stage by “Muffy”, Karbonsoul vocalist, for two songs.

To end this edition of Galena in full power, the death metal band Karbonsoul, came on stage ready to conquer the audience, that responded by headbanging absorbed by their sound and dynamics of the band. Highlighting the treatral performance of the frontwoman “Muffy”. They revealed four new themes, and mashed together the three songs “Decadent Empire”, “Construction through Destruction” and “Bleeding Sorrow” from the band’s first “3Logy” album. To end the night on a high note, they closed their set with an old theme,”Frozen Bodies”, taken of their split relase “Concillium 13”.

Words by: Melissa Poseyydon
Photos by: Teresa Arsénio



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