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Report: GROG + BLEEDING DISPLAY + BESTA and more live @ Side B

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Report: GROG + BLEEDING DISPLAY + BESTA and more live @ Side B


Sadly the concerts started two hours after the announced schedule with HUNTED SCRIPTUM, death/technical death metal from Braga. They had the tough task of opening the ceremonies, in a cold, (still) wintry night. Their carnivorous themes made the first attempt to warm a still not crowded Side B room, with some good appointments, including the morgue customs they wear.

hunted1face hunted2

After them UNDERNEATH’s concert was marked by a poor sound. Even if the night wasn’t that much appealing that far, it could have been the band to increase the atmosphere. But their death metal songs kept sounding to light and they had no chance of pulling out a better performance.

underneath 2underneath 1

And so, it turned out to be Porto’s ANTIVOID  to put some movement in that strangely lethargic death metal evening. Nice appointments of crust / death ‘roll from the young northern band, with a peculiar bass player that definitely changed the course of the night.

antivoid 2 antivoid1

The good level reached by ANTIVOID gave BESTA no other chance that a moment to define their presence in our underground scene. And so they did. Apocalyptic blasting sound execution, in a Doom meets Napalm Death’s funeral version concert. Grind core, brutal death metal and post metal were the main tracks on which the band walked, always in high rotation, almost schizophrenic vocals and a final down stage performance that closed a lively show. Let’s wait for a future live presentation.

besta1 besta2

By that time, even if the night continued to appear quite strange, with a not so normal quiet ambience in a death metal event, veterans BLEEDING DISPLAY had the venue in a higher level when they reached the stage. Their technical quality made the rest. So, the concert went fine, pulling out a good reaction from the crowd in a classy death metal presentation.

bleeding display1 bleeding display2

grog 1For those who went on time to Benavente it seemed intriguing how an initial empty venue turned out to transform on to a well filled room for GROG’s headlining show. One of the most important Portuguese underground metal acts finished the event with a clinic grind core performance, even if some technical problems intend to appear during the gig. But their good feeling and professionalism makes every adversity transform into a humorous transition moment. On another intense presentation, vocals Pedro Pedra stated his amazement for a non circle pit existence during a whole death/grind night. And so the final song was followed by a crowd agitation that even though fast (inclusively with some non expected conflicts), didn’t erase a somewhat bizarre atmosphere for a strong death metal line-up that promised a different night than the one we lived last Saturday at Side B.

grog3 grog2



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