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What do Black Metal, Lisbon and Saturday night have in common? Not much you might think. But things changed, at least last weekend, with INQUISITION’s return to the Portuguese capital.

Notre Damme Productions achieved almost 200 persons at RCA, in this venue’s first black metal gig ever. We believe that everybody involved had a positive outcome.

If it wasn’t for their appearance at last Sardinha de Ferro festival, O CERCO wouldn’t be known by almost anyone. We knew them. Yes. But had never seen them live till last Saturday. The first impact was even more intense than expected, with a fresh new post black metal execution, remembering something near to Wolves in a Throne Room, Altar of Plagues and alike. Complex executions mixed with down-tempo interludes, always bathed by a deep voice range, mark the rhythm of a very promising project that, at least, brought new ideas and compositions to the national BM scene. We’ll be with our eyes and ears open towards these guys.

With no need for extended presentations, IRAE started a very competent show with the well known “A Ira Nasce nas Noites de Sintra” and “Order of The Black Goat”, in a setlist that covered much of their best work, including some not so often tracks (“Procreation Madness” or “As a Curse Upon”), which, played in a less fast mode, made the concert more different than usual. In fact, if one could accept some comments regarding Irae’s tendency to play concerts very similar to one another, this time the rhythm used in the second half of their show (less fast, with more controlled pulse) proved the solidity of this trio and their ability to play in bigger venues.  More than 45 minutes of competent black metal, that ended with the always amusing medley, warming everyone up to the next cult.

But, besides the two juicy appetizers, it was INQUISITION the main dish that everyone was hunger for. Dagon and Incubus returned to Lisbon after more than two years of absence, and executed a fine show, mixing some of the new tracks with others that have become hymns of the darker side of Man. Starting (“Force of the Floating Tomb”) and closing (“Infinite Interstellar Genocide”) with songs from their latest album, all the other eight songs took us back to priceless works of darks arts, with the first stop being “Nefarious Dismal Orations”, and “Those of the Night”. The complete coordination of the two musicians is not a surprise to anyone, as well as their capacity to open spectral paths through which we can travel without any speed limit, fuelled by the contaminated liquors of “Embrace by the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction” or “We Summon the Winds of Fire”. The encore “forced” before the last song was a little bit turn out, but we must never forget that in Portugal Inquisition feel at home. Do come back to visit more often.



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