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Report: Moonspell “Soombra” @ Convento São Francisco, Coimbra

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Report: Moonspell “Soombra” @ Convento São Francisco, Coimbra

Moonspell delighted fans in memorable concert at Convento São Francisco

On friday night, February 23th, the iconic Portuguese gothic metal band, Moonspell, treated their devoted followers to a captivating and unforgettable performance at the majestic Convento São Francisco in the city of Coimbra. In a spectacle that masterfully combined the energy of metal with the melancholy of gothic music, perfectly adapted to an acoustic scenario, the band led by Fernando Ribeiro once again showcased why they are considered one of the greatest references in the national and international music scene.

From the moment the lights dimmed and the first chords reverberated through the walls of the convent, the atmosphere was imbued with palpable emotional intensity. Opening the concert with the perfect “HandMade God,” followed by “Southern Deathstyle” and “Wolfshade,” the band transported the fans on a journey through some of the group’s most remarkable hits, from their early albums to their latest releases while at the same time unveiling great performances of songs that haven’t been frequently played, like “Disappear Here” or “The Hanged Man”.

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One of the most notable features of this concert was the presence of a duo of female singers and a group of violins and cellos, adding a unique and stirring dimension to Moonspell’s already iconic songs. Having a singing guest is no news to their shows, but this time it felt different. Furthermore, the carefully crafted set design, with suspended pieces created by renowned architect Fernando Teixeira, provided a visually stunning environment that complemented the musical experience.

Standing out among the most thrilling moments of the night, the massive participation of the audience during the performance of “Alma Mater” was truly overwhelming. Under Fernando Ribeiro’s command, fans sang in unison the memorable chorus, creating a moment of communion and nostalgia that will resonate in the memory of all present for a long time.

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Despite the seated format of the concert, the interaction between the band and the fans remained vibrant and engaging throughout the evening. Deafening applause and the contagious energy of the audience demonstrated the profound appreciation and admiration of fans for Moonspell, while the band reciprocated with an impeccable performance full of passion.

In addition to the mentioned songs, other musical pieces deeply marked the spectacle, further enriching the fans’ experience. “Disappear Here,” from the album “Butterfly Effect,” was one of the unexpected songs and took the audience on a journey through the band’s characteristic musical experimentalism, while “The Hanged Man” and “2nd Skin,” both from the infamous “Sin/Pecado,” album delighted the audience with their majesty and lyrical depth. It was fantastic to witness songs from some of the less “visited” albums. Still, our quest continues: to witness “Let The Children Cum To Me” live again someday. (Make it happen, guys!)

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“Scorpion Flower” came quickly and was dedicated to the “second oldest university in Europe,” featured the special participation of the female vocal duo, Cristiana Félix and Eduarda Soeiro, adding a new dimension to the music and highlighting the band’s versatility.

Also noteworthy was the very emotional performance of “Mute,” featuring the special participation of Portuguese singer Sónia Tavares, wife of Fernando Ribeiro, whose synergy provided a moment of intimacy and emotion that engaged the entire audience. Definitely one of the highlights.

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Finally, Moonspell revisited “Senhores da Guerra,” a cover of the band Madredeus, celebrated the rich Portuguese musical heritage and showcased Moonspell’s unique ability to reinterpret and revitalize classics of national music. Closing the evening came the traditional Fullmoon Madness.

After the show, the band members generously engaged in a meet & greet session that took place at the building’s hall, warmly welcoming the very long line of admirers and expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to perform in the iconic hall of Convento São Francisco. Fernando Ribeiro, in a touching gesture, shared with those present his excitement about playing in the largest room of the building, highlighting the importance and special significance of this concert for Moonspell and their fans.

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In summary, Moonspell’s concert at Convento São Francisco was a truly memorable and emotionally captivating experience and we are grateful to be a part of it.

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Special thanks to aFirma agency, the Convento São Francisco staff and Moonspell.

Text: Filipe Gomes
Photo: Filipe Gomes



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