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Report: Moonspell @ Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria

Filipe Gomes 21/03/2022 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Moonspell @ Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria
Report: Moonspell @ Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria

The Teatro José Lúcio da Silva in Leiria received another great night of metal. After the visit of Gaerea a few months ago, it was now time for Moonspell to visit the peaceful city.

Celebrating 30 years of a solid career, full of metamorphosis and success, Moonspell showed why after 3 decades they are still strong and ready for many more years on stage.

The show started a few minutes after the scheduled time, and a practically full auditorium received Fernando Ribeiro, Ricardo Amorim, Pedro Paixão, Aires Pereira and Hugo Ribeiro with a loud ovation. It all began with one of the most impactful songs in the band’s recent history due to its lyrical content and overall message: “The Greater Good”, taken from the latest album “Hermitage”. A reflection on modern times and all the absurd characteristics that make them up. Featuring excellent sound, the audience quickly responded and you could see the first headbanging people standing up and enjoying themselves. “Extinct” followed with its catchy melodic chorus that only confirmed the enthusiastic reception of the fans. “In Tremor Dei” was the first visit to 1755, the band’s special album, entirely sung in Portuguese.

After brief moments, it was time for the first blast from the past, more specifically the album Irreligious, with the classic “Opium” and the magical “Herr Spiegelmann”. It was a pity that Fernando Ribeiro didn’t bring with him the iconic mirror jacket and the lasers characteristic of this theme. Although simple and seemingly calm, this is a song with its very own infectious atmosphere and deserves to be celebrated as such. “Breathe (Until We Are No More)” continued the gothic and melodic vibe with its orchestrations reminiscent of the Middle East. After “The Hermit Saints” came the acclaimed “Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)”, the epic opening track of the album that catapulted Moonspell to international success. This was a song where Hugo Ribeiro’s skills brought a new strength to a song that benefits from the support provided by the drums to keep its heaviness. And there was no lack of power when the drums started playing the intro of “Em Nome do Medo”. It was one of the moments with the greatest response from the audience, where you could see that despite being a seating theatre, it was impossible to keep many fans still in their seats.

“Apophthegmata” from the band’s latest album brought a few moments that allowed you to catch your breath briefly, as soon came another of Moonspell’s iconic concert moments. Suddenly, everything turned red for the arrival of “Mephisto”, the demon who dresses in such shade. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of any concert of the band. And “All Saints” were not enough (pun) to prepare those who were present for the moment of the supposed goodbye. “Alma Mater” was written on a flag handed to Fernando Ribeiro, and it was with a chanting scream that began one of the songs that simply can never be left out in a concert.

No one in the audience took a step to leave, as they knew more was to come. After a brief pause, the band presented the already ecstatic audience with an encore consisting of the mournful “From Lowering Skies”, the fantastic “Nocturna” and, of course, the apotheotic “Full Moon Madness”. Overall, 16 songs made up a very high-level show, but one which could have had more songs. The absence of performances of anything extracted from the albums Sin/Pecado, The Butterfly Effect, Memorial and Night Eternal were strongly felt… handMade God… Soulsick, Luna, Scorpion Flower are just too good to be left out! Or, on a more personal note, the one yours truly has been waiting for years and years to witness live: “Let the Children Cum to Me…”!

In a show celebrating their career, it made sense that all albums were visited, however, the absence of some is understandable due to the size of the band’s discography. Apart from that, this was another fantastic show by a band who has nothing to prove since 1995.

Special thanks to Teatro José Lúcio da Silva and Moonspell

Text & Photos by Filipe Gomes

Video by: Caminhos Metálicos



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