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Report: MOSHER FEST: Chapter III @ Massas Club, Coimbra

Rita Limede 02/06/2016 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: MOSHER FEST: Chapter III @ Massas Club, Coimbra
Report: MOSHER FEST: Chapter III @ Massas Club, Coimbra

The third chapter of Mosher Fest took place in Massas Club, Coimbra.this edition had on it’s billing five Portuguese bands from different backgrounds, all of which with enough energy and talent to shook the foundations of the club, and please everyone present on that Saturday night.

The band that had the honor to open the hostilities was Mindtaker, a young thrash metal act from Redondo (Évora), which will represent Portugal in the Metal Battle of the mythic heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air (good luck guys!). They’ve shown exactly why they were the chosen: they’ve played an energetic and fast show that got the audience moving, crowned by a cover of one of their biggest influences, Municipal Waste “Unleash the Bastards”.

The second act was nothing more nothing less, than one of the best death metal acts from Portugal, Theriomorphic. Presenting songs from both albums “Enter the Mighty Theriomorphic”, and “The Beast Brigade”, Jó and his bandmates played a good show that captivate the audience in a club already well composed. One of the songs that most pleased the crowd was “Death Almighty”.

The following band was the grindcore act from Lisboa, Besta. Aggressive, energetic, with a very similar sound to Rotten Sound, and with subliminal messages about society and politics, was one of the best acts of the night, making the crowd headbanging and move around in the pit, with the frontman very active on stage, standing up with great attitude and delivering a performance that seemed to get louder song after song, taken from their compilation album “Filhos do Grind”.

Punk rock with hardcore influences was not left out from this rather ecletic line up, and the audience still had some energy in them to show to Trinta e Um from Linda-a-Velha a good welcome.The group,  put up a good performance with a lot of dedications and messages from the leader Zé Goblin to the crowd, that seemed to appreciate the gig. The played songs from their three albums, but the tracks “Bomba Relógio” and “Tourada”, were the ones that got most enthusiasm from the crowd.

Apart of some technical issues, Destroyers of All delivered what they always deliver on stage: a great performance. With one of the best thrash metal albums of the year “Bleak Fragments”, and playing in their hometown Coimbra, they’ve got the audience with them from start to end, in one of the best gigs of the night, the perfect one to close a great evening. On the setlist were songs like “Hate Trough Violence”, “Into The Fire”, “Bleak Fragments”, “Unexistance”, and “Tormento”, a tribute to their hometown.

This event shown that the Portuguese underground scene, in different genres, as something to be proud of, presenting 5 bands that gave everything where is supposed to be, live on stage, bringing heaviness to what was a great Saturday night. Mosher Fest, an event to definitely look forward in the near future. Thanks to the organization for putting this up and see we’ll you all in November!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen

Photos by: Rita Limede

Special thanks to: Mosher



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