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Report: Reverence Festival Day 1#

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Report: Reverence Festival Day 1#

Back to the small and picturesque village of Valada for the second edition of Reverence Festival. One year has passed since the debut but the same vibrations anticipated the weekend. More than 70 performances, with a majority of international acts keeping company to some of the best rock produced in Portuguese lands.

Day 1#

The first day promised eight bands to fulfil stage Rio.

We took our first musical bath with Lisbon’s BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS presenting their first full length. Mixing between female Brazilian and male voices the soft rhythm was created by the synths with the keyboards help. Several keyboards in fact. In a joyful concert, we felt flooded by some 60’s and 70’s psych-folk ambiance, in a smooth way as during “Fuga n.º 2”.

GALGO brought more rhythm. A dance one. Some shoegaze, aligned with some Vampire Weekend passages. But harsher ones. The interludes inspired some Tides from Nebula melodies without being to close to the Polish. These guys even reached some hefty down-tempo rock at the end. Great ending by the way, full of energy in a more muscled face.

CHICOS DE NAZCA had the chance to play the first night concert. The out of tone voice didn’t stop them from delivering some entertaining blues rock, in a psychedelic way of course. Already with four works released, these Chileans focused obviously on their latest “Blowing Inside”. Not to fast. Not to slow. Good moment with “I Wanna Bring you Here”.

If you want to put effects on your micro do it properly, in the ways that PURPLE HEART PARADE does. The Englishmen delivered the more intense concert by that time, commanded by a soft but balanced voice, with close contact with the audience. Great guitar solos and compassed strong drum kicks created the biggest agitation that far. The frontman came down from stage several times contributing to that atmosphere crescendo.

By that time this first day of Reverence had two main notes to retain: lot more people than we expected, but all of them dying for more action. In fact maybe next year someone will put some dj’s on the DJ stage to warm the environment. We did pass by that stage. It was right there. Empty.

So, after several minutes of silence before THE VICKERS immediately called the audience to the front row with Joy Division’s “Shadowplay” cover. But their show was not a depressive rock concert. On the contrary. Joyful psych pop songs led by an energetic drummer, with two voices in an entertaining show that,  without blowing our mind called for an audience response. And the answer was given.

Well the pop feelings were raised just after with nationals KEEP RAZORS SHARP. The psychedelic effects were brought by the delayed synth micros even if the rest of the sound didn’t seem to agitate the audience as must as they promised. Despite that, some radio friendly songs did create some better vibes.

“My Momma Said (…)” JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD is whoever they want to be. And so they are. This American band, with headliner privileges, delivered some good stoner rock moments,  with some doom approaches here and then. With three guitars and no bass the weight was still there since the beginning. Hailing from highlight Nashville, Tennessee, the country melodies were not missed. Even if the first doomier song promised a heavier show than the semi juvenile stoner rock played afterwards, the rock mood turned out to end pleasantly this first night.

Photos from Reverence Festival courtesy of:

Jorge Pereira (Beautify Junkyards, Purple Heart Parade), João Ribeiro (Chicos de Nazca, Keep Razors Sharp) Natacha Monteiro (Galgo) and Valentina Erno (Jeff the Brotherhood).



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