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Report: Soen + Molybaron + Terra @ Hard Club

Rui Pereira 29/10/2023 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Soen + Molybaron + Terra @ Hard Club
Report: Soen + Molybaron + Terra @ Hard Club

The Swedish band Soen, led by Martin Lopez returned to shows accompanied by Molybaron and Terra on the Memorial Tour 2023 which stopped in Portugal on the 4th and 5th of October, in Porto – Hard Club and Lisbon – LAV, respectively.

The night began with a well-filled venue with the sound of the Italians Terra. Featuring a progressive and distinct metal sound, this quartet formed by Daniel Berreta, Lorenzo Saponetta, Paolo Luciani and Stefano Alfonsi makes use of percussion instruments and flutes to transmit their energy, through tribal melodies that left no one indifferent and surprised those who didn’t know them.
The band promoted their latest album “TERRA”, released in 2022 by performing songs such as “Create Mutate Erase” or “Father”. The group also had time to surprise fans with their cover of Massive Attack entitled “Teardrop”.

  • Terra

The French band Molybaron followed. Gary Kelly on vocals, Sébastien de Saint-Angel on bass, Camille Greneron on drums and Florian Soum on guitar, the group brought to Hard Club their alternative metal and a contagious energy that spread throughout the room and involved the public in a unique atmosphere. Entering with “Something Ominous” and going through hit songs like “Lucifer” and “Vampires”, the Molybaron quartet once again proved its deserved presence on this tour and was well received by the audience.

  • Molybaron

When the most anticipated moment of the night arrived, it was with Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, that this fantastic group entered the stage to the delight of those present who had been waiting for them since 2021.
In promotion of their latest album “Memorial”, songs such as “Unbreakable”, “Lunacy” and “Lotus” were played with a unique and unmistakable rhythm, sound and quality that only Soen can achieve.
All this is only possible thanks to the professionalism of Martin Lopez (former member of Opeth and Amon Amarth) on drums, the unmistakable voice of Joel Ekelöf, the multi-instrumental experience of Lars Ahlund accompanied on guitar by the charismatic Cody Ford and the talented bassist Oleksii Zlatoyar.
And it was with “Violence” that they ended this unforgettable visit to one of Invicta’s largest concert venus. Once again, Soen do not disappoint.

  • Soen

Special thanks to the organizers Free Music Events.

Text & Photos: Rui Pereira




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