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Baltum – Aeternum Vale (review)

Mário Magarreiro 29/01/2024 Comments Off on Baltum – Aeternum Vale (review)
Baltum – Aeternum Vale (review)

Baltum emerges as a recent addition to the rich Portuguese extreme music scene. Established in 2020, they swiftly embarked on a journey of records, which began materializing in 2023. Within a remarkably brief timeframe, they’ve released a live album, an EP, and a full-length album, underscoring their impressive level of productivity.

“Aeternum Vale” heralds their debut album, crashing the scene on December 22, 2023. This inaugural opus ensnares the listener from its inception to its culmination, whisking them through time for approximately 50 minutes. It harks back to the early oeuvre of Dark Tranquillity, weaving an influence of Swedish melodic death metal, interspersed with fleeting nods to gothic metal reminiscent of Moonspell, an influence most palpable in the haunting strains of “Night Stalker.”

This record encapsulates a plethora of elements conducive to potential success, boasting robust riffs, and elegantly crafted solos, underpinned by the intricate and precise drumming that deftly sets the tempo, whether in the subdued interludes or during the more aggressive passages that demand an impassioned response. The bass, meticulously wrought, also commands attention, while vocalist Sérgio Ramos asserts his prowess, delivering a commanding and enthralling performance.

The album commences and closes with fervour and aggression, notably in the climactic finale, “All That Remains,” which erupts with a searing riff, frenetic blast beats, and vocals steeped in the influence of black metal.

Special recognition is warranted for the tracks “Guilty Soul,” “Night Stalker,” and “North Army,” previously showcased on the EP “Losing Myself” and seamlessly integrated into this record.

Presently, the album is exclusively available in digital format, yet anticipation abounds for a physical release that befits the calibre of Baltum’s inaugural masterpiece.


Review by Mário Magarreiro.



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