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João Osório 23/05/2023 Comments Off on CHURCH OF THE DEAD – Beyond Death

Church of the Dead is a Finnish death metal band formed in 2012 in Helsinki. In the first years of existence they recorded 5 EPs and only in 2020 they released their first full length album. Three years later they will release a new album again, their second full length which has the release date of May 26th.

What we listen to can be described as old school death metal with some black metal and punk vibes. The album is fluid and alternates slower mid-tempo passages with furious drum gallops and heavy guitar riffs. One thing that immediately gets your attention is the massive production which enhances the growls of Jussi Salminen: like something is coming out of the bottom of a well and it is coming to get us.

The album begins with the hypnotic, slow-paced Dawn of the Wizard with comprises excellent guitar melodies. Progressively, the album picks up speed with Tombdweller and Ashes of the World, with an extraordinary performance from the bass and drums rhythm section, as well as the guitar riffs and melodies of Kride Lahti.
On the fourth track we find a surprise: the Mayhem Chainsaw Gutsfuck cover that fits perfectly with the album’s lineup, structure and atmosphere. Next comes Whore of Eden, the fastest track on the album with galloping drums, blast beats and a punk/crust vibe. Then a slow-paced song with Christborn, with a great guitar arrangements, and then another bomb of speed and technique with Wormwood. The album ends with Floating in Blood, the album’s longest song which has the inclusion of a cello thus contributing, together with the keyboards, to an atmosphere of desolation and despair.

This album is an authentic gem of old school death metal and hopefully with this album they will emerge from the underground catacombs of Helsinki to conquer Europe and the world.



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Review by João Osório
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