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COFFIN TORTURE – Dismal Planet

Kasper Pasinski 22/03/2020 Comments Off on COFFIN TORTURE – Dismal Planet
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Coffin Torture is a sludge duo hailing from South Carolina, USA. Their music development started under the name Tsavo which evolved into Cave Dweller to finally get the shape of Coffin Torture. Their first full-length record “Dismal Planet” follows the release of several EP’s and live albums throughout the years.

So… it starts as expected from a sludge album – slow and noisy wall of sound with plenty of distortion gently hits your ears through whatever you’re listening on. My first reaction was “Wow, that’s filthy…”. Amazing job done on the drums was the first thing I noticed. In fact, in the opening track “Bull of Minos” the percussion takes the lead while the wall of distorted guitar sound is like something added to complete the full potential. All of this is completed with a harsh vocal style, reminding a bit of characteristic style of Mike IX from Eyehategod.

Next track ‘Izhar’ features more rhythm and is basically a riff-based composition a bit more ‘user friendly’ than the initial one but still a powerful piece of music with nicely exposed percussion. It is the fastest and most catchy piece on this album – not as drone-ish based sound as the rest of the record and I need to admit – this was the only track which made me seriously headbang.

After the first two tracks, Dismal Planet gets a bit slower with a few moments where the band is putting higher gear. This is something we can listen during ‘Gustave’, but generally, the same formula is continuously explored throughout the record. It doesn’t mean it is bad, but I have a feeling that I haven’t heard anything super fresh that has not been revealed in the first two tracks. Coffin Torture still maintains this powerful combination of extremely distorted electric guitar sound with wild drum work and harsh vocals but that’s it. I have a very strong feeling that they sound even better and more captivating live.

So to sum it up – as a fan of this type of music I easily admit that Coffin Torture made a strong impression especially at the beginning of the record. Later things get more sludgy but, the quality is maintained on a good level. And as I have already written before – I bet they sound amazing live. Looking forward to listening to some new work by these guys.


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