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Lara Brito 22/12/2021 Comments Off on FLYING NORWEGIANS – Wounded Bird

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When we talk or listen about Norwegian music, your first though might be Black Metal, a well established genre of the country. Nonetheless, the Flying Norwegians demonstrate that it is not just metal that comes out of the Scandinavian countries. The Flying Norwegians are a Norwegian country rock band that dates back from the 70’s, spiced up with some rock psychedelic touches.

Apollo Records re-released Flying Norwegians’ debut album Wounded Bird. As Flying Norwegians were an established country rock group from the 70’s, Wounded Bird album acquired a classic status. After being released few decades ago, in 1976, this album is now back to the spotlight and ready to reach new audiences.

Country rock usually has catchy rhythms and melodies, something that is also not lacking in this Nordic band’s album. The song “Let’s Walk to the River” is a perfect example of this contagious rhythm. The rest of the album is filled with calmer rhythms, which is a little funny and controversial, as the name and cover of the album denote some aggressiveness – a hurt bird (Wounded Bird).

Overall, this is a good album, which I would advise to listen to, specially for those who like the Eagles and Neil Young – you won’t be disappointed!


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