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Master – Saints Dispelled (review)

Mário Magarreiro 29/01/2024 Comments Off on Master – Saints Dispelled (review)
Master – Saints Dispelled (review)

Master is an institution in the global Metal scene. In 1983, the band Death Strike emerged, founded by bassist Paul Speckmann, which soon in 1985 adopted the name Master. In this transition, the band established itself as one of the pioneers of Death Metal, sharing this distinction with emblematic groups like Possessed, Death, and Morbid Angel.

With a gap in new album releases since its predecessor, “Vindictive Miscreant,” in 2018, this new release was highly anticipated. However, there was a change in the trio composing the band, with drummer Peter Bajči joining bassist/vocalist Paul Speckmann and guitarist Aleš Nejezchleba.

“Vindictive Miscreant” had already set a high standard, but this album shows that, despite the years on the road, the band still has many virtues to demonstrate. Throughout the 8 songs, with a version that includes 2 extra tracks, we are taken on a true history lesson and shown how to create an exceptional album, something that Master has accustomed us to.

We begin the sonic journey with “Destruction in June,” and from the first chord, we are engaged until the last track, “The Wizard of Evil.” I highlight the song “The Wiseman,” where everything flows naturally. Captivating guitar and bass solos create a unique atmosphere, characteristic of Master.

For those not familiar with the band, this album serves as an excellent entry point to the rest of their discography. The addition of drummer Peter Bajci injected new vitality into the band’s music, as his performance overall is truly remarkable. The intense rhythms seamlessly intertwine with Alex’s riffs, creating a synergy that suggests they’ve been playing together for years. Paul’s dynamic bass lines and vocals further enhance this chemistry, fitting exceptionally well into the mix.

Despite the year still being in its early stages, this album has the potential to be among the best of the year in various end-of-year lists.




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