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TIME LURKER – Time Lurker

João Osório 29/03/2019 Comments Off on TIME LURKER – Time Lurker

Time Lurker is a French one man band, born in 2014 by the hands of Mick, the multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind this project. In 2017 Time Lurker released its homonymous debut album.

What we have here is an excellent work of atmospheric black metal with some post black metal and little bit of shoegaze. The album begins with “Rupture”, an 11-and-a-half-minute track, which immediately shows what to expect from the rest of the record. Rapid and violent riffs, strong drumming, possessed screams, interspersed with haunting atmospheres that transmit a whole bundle of sadness, melancholy, pain and despair. The album consists of five songs (most of them extend beyond the 8-minute mark) and two instrumental interludes (more dark ambient oriented, surely to counterbalance all the insanity present in this opus). “Time Lurker” is a journey that drowns the listener into immense discouragement, anguish, negativity and infinite agony.

The vocals are also assured by Mick, but the album counts with the collaboration of four guests who contribute to all this dementia. This debut album reveals itself dramatically mesmerizing. Perhaps it’s due to all the different vocal guests, screaming and screeching, along with the accelerated black metal guitar riffs, mixed with atmospheres that create sorrow and nostalgia. The production is competent, organic, yet not crystalline. Also, noteworthy is the excellent artwork by Jo Mo Rot.

This is not an innovative release, but Time Lurker’s debut full-length album is a satisfying experience. An enjoyable listen that carries us in an introspective trip, while, the same time, makes you reach imaginary universes of suffering and hopelessness.


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