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VOUS AUTRES – Champ du Sang

Michael Parent 18/06/2019 Comments Off on VOUS AUTRES – Champ du Sang

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Formed in France in 2017, the self-proclaimed Blackened Sludge duo Vous Autres released their first LP Champ du Sang on April 8th 2019.

Needless to say, Metal bands from France, especially Black Metal ones, are the best at their craft in the discomfort area. Just listen to Deathspell Omega for instance, there’s always something unhealthy in their sound. Well, Vous Autres are also masters of this particular approach. They are also purveyors of a nihilistic vision of humanity in both their music and their lyrics.

There’s a mal de vivre in Vous Autres’ music involving more than just the usual Depressive Black Metal moods. It’s heaviness that is translated in the constant pummeling of the drums. The bass drum is so strong that I bet in live shows people get hurt on their inside organs. Added to that, Champ du Sang is draining every positive energy and hope from your mind. Those 59 minutes are intense, violent, and exhausting.

But I can’t stop listening to the whole thing with fascination and horror.

To be honest, the author of these lines is not keen on Sludge or Depressive Black Metal, but Vous Autres is more than just Blackened Sludge, it’s a post-metal near-masterpiece that is more Metal than 99% of all metal produced in the recent years; it is raw, heavy, uncompromising, and vile.


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