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The Sacrifice stream debut album in full

Filipe Gomes 05/12/2018 News Comments Off on The Sacrifice stream debut album in full
The Sacrifice stream debut album in full

French electro outfit The Sacrifice are now streaming their upcoming self-titled album ‘The Sacrifice’ in full. The debut record is set for release on December 7th, 2018 via Season Of Mist.

You can stream it below.

The band comment:

“These 11 tracks are the result of 11 months of messing around with a dozen of vintage synthesizers and precious or forgotten drum machines. It is with great delight that we regurgitate all the timeworn musical genres on this opus for you: old wave, cold wave, synth wave, rock and 80’s electronic music. We are extremely pleased to see this extremely non-extreme album getting released on Season of Mist, for the listening pleasure of the Metal Community.”

The Sacrifice have previously unveiled the artwork, which is created by ‘Mr Garcin‘, a well-known comics collage pop-art artist who came to public attention in 2012 when one of his works was used by Marvel as the cover art for #700 of The Amazing Spiderman. The artwork and album details can be viewed below.

The Sacrifice

1. Redemption (5:16)
2. Order of Disorder (3:51)
3. Under the Moon (4:36)
4. Digging Deep (5:01)
5. Violent Devolution (5:26)
6. Aurora (4:06)
7. Ghosts (4:16)
8. Endless Night Terror (3:41)
9. Moving to the City (3:26)
10. Marble Hallways (5:36)
11. Errdemption (2:56)

The band released official videos of the songs “Under The Moon” and “Redemption”. You can watch these below.

The sacrifice

Combining 80’s to 90’s electronic music with all-wave and metal references, The Sacrifice are conjuring a more sophisticated sound from disparate elements beyond the limitations of any genre.

The Sacrifice was born out of French electronic group Panzer Flower from Occitanie, consisting of Patrice Duthoo and Raphaël Glatz. Back then, Panzer Flower was named ‘Meilleur Espoir Français’ (best upcoming French artist) by French music magazine Rock & Folk. The duo’s best-known hit was the 2014 single “We Are Beautiful” that features vocals by Hubert Tubbs (Tower Of Power). This track charted number 2 in France in 2014 and gained over 7.8 million YouTube views. Panzer Flower’s music was used in a national campaign advertisement by the hotel chain Campanile.

The Sacrifice’s self-titled debut album was mixed at Planet Gloria by Lois Eichelbrenner and mastered by none other than Bruno Varea at the Upload Studio. Bruno is known for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Panzer Flower, Blut Aus Nord, and many others. The cover artwork for was created by Mr. Garcin (French well-known comics collage pop art artist who came to public attention in 2012 when one of his works was used by Marvel as the cover art for #700 of The Amazing Spiderman).

Exploding percussion, flying synthesizers, bleeding vocals, discharging guitars and macabre prose blend perfectly here, influenced by Pink Floyd, Mayhem and Depeche Mode. Lyrically, The Sacrifice tell the tales of a smashed unparallel oracular universe on the eve of the Great Disorder. That includes beheaded cats eating cosmic kibbles, malicious instincts wrapped in D minor, inverted triangles fitting into square circles, fluffy toads dressed up like humans, a flamboyant journey through the wooden flooring, unreal diseases threading cotton candy, intergalactic puppies chewing on razorblades, and fuming vicars hanging upside down….

The Sacrifice delivers a sprawling musical mosaic creating a cohesive, yet innovative concept, placing the French outfit in a league of their own!

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