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Unholy Harakiri releases music video for the track “Espiral”

Filipe Gomes 03/11/2022 News Comments Off on Unholy Harakiri releases music video for the track “Espiral”
Unholy Harakiri releases music video for the track “Espiral”

Ketsuro was born along with Unholy Harakiri herself, amid the pandemic and one of the most difficult moments in Brazilian politics. The band brings here a little of all the references that we have lived, not only in terms of music but also in the content of each track, which address themes related to Japanese and Brazilian culture and personal and social conflicts.

“Ketsuro” is the bloody path we’ve come this far and we’re sure many of you will relate to it too. It has been difficult times but we will win together.

Formed in 2020, Unholy Harakiri has a mix between members of two underground metal bands, Yukio Hara, Guitarist and Raphael Gonçalves, Bassist (Ex-Colwire) and Maikon Campioni, Vocal (Athimia). The band’s proposal is to reinvent the Brazilian metal scene mixing a lot of weight, low tunings and a pinch of Asian culture, futuristic themes and cyberpunk.

In December 2020, the first single “Rakuin” is released by the Coffin Joe Records label, which features the opening track “Stigma (Rakuin)” and “Bloody Path” accompanying an Anime Music Video with scenes from the anime Berserk (Kentaro Miura) 1997, illustrating the song’s theme.

In 2022, the singles K I N T S U G I and Penumbra were released. With this debut, the band guaranteed good numbers in their media and streaming profiles, and their full album is now released on all streaming platforms, in order to start planning the launch tour.



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