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VAGOS OPEN AIR announce final line-up

Filipe Gomes 11/05/2015 News Comments Off on VAGOS OPEN AIR announce final line-up
VAGOS OPEN AIR announce final line-up

The VAGOS OPEN AIR 2015 now has 20 bands on its linup:

Vagos Open Air 2015

Tickets prices: 65 euros (three day pass) and 32 euros (daily). Special pack pass + official festival t-shirt on sale.

More info at:

There are two more names to add to the lineup of the 7th Edition of VAGOS OPEN AIR! FILLI NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM and IRONSWORD, two of the most striking projects from the Portuguese underground boom of the 90s, will also take the stage in Quinta do Ega as special guests. Both are stoic survivors of metal, standard-bearers of a spirit very close to the pure and simple style played in the 80’s. Records like « A Era do Abutre», that celebrates two decades in 2015, and «Ironsword», the debut album of a group that has already twenty years of career, marked an era and a generation. Necro rock’n’roll and battle metal, with a cult status and international appeal, with a total of forty years of experience, undergound and a lot of heavy metal in the OPEN AIR VAGOS stage.

The origins of FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM date back to 1988, when guitarist and vocalist Belathauzer joined bassist Tetragrammaton and drummer Jerzegemoth to create the debut demo of Bactherion, «The Miracle of Death». In 1993, after having changed their name, they play live for the first time with the help of elements from Moonspell and Decayed, in what today is still remembered as the first black metal concert in Portugal. «Os Métodos do Pentagrama», the first release under the current name, is made available in that year, showing the trio from Lisbon adopting a musical posture even more unhealthy, fast and blasphemous. Two years later, with Helregni on bass, they record the mini-CD «A Era do Abutre» and, after the release via Monasterium Records, they return to the concerts, but the band eventually sink into a deep gap that would last for much of the second half of the 90’s. In 2001 they return with Samhain on guitar, Lopo on drums and Tormentor on bass, recording the following year the EP «A Queda».«MoïrA» and «Puta Infernal» proved that, despite the changes and the lineup, the peculiar hybrid of black / heavy / thrash that they themselves like to call necro rock’n’roll, remained untouched. The following year they go through more changes with the arrival of guitarist Andremon, drummer Maalm and the returned Helregni and, in the spring of 2004, signed a contract for the long-awaited edition of the debut album «Fellatrix Discordia Pantokrator». Between concerts all over the country and some downtime in the middle, they release an EP only five years later, «Rëtrofornicatör», which was followed by «Pornokrates: Deo Gratias» and a split EP, «Copula Necrotheologica: Sabbat Infernal», both from 2013. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of «A Era do Abutre» with a luxurious vinyl edition of the emblematic 1995 CD.

IRONSWORD were created in 1995, at a time when Tanngrisnir was the guitarist of Moonspell. Having learned in bands like Grog and Decayed, the musician from the Cascais area shortened his pseudonym to Tann and, taking care of vocals and all the instruments, recorded the first home-made demos of a project that, when transformed into a «serious» band, had a considerable cult around it. Probably not even the musician imagined that, two decades later, they would be among the most revered names in the underground metal scene. The first step took place at the turn of the millennium, when Tann decided to expand the lineup and, with the help of drummer Ricardo Hammer and bassist Axemaster, they played their first concerts. In 2002 the eponymous debut comes out and it was with «Ironsword» that the abysmal differences from the Gothic environment of Moonspell are crystallized, with the trio adopting an epic stance before the traditional battle metal, admittedly inspired by the icons of the genre, the North Americans Manilla Road and the books of Robert E. Howard, author of Conan, the Barbarian. Two years later the second album appears and «Return Of The Warrior» presented an even stronger version of the band. The new lineup, with Rick Thor on bass and Maalm on drums, both from FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, was a kind of Portuguese underground super-group and, much thanks to strategic appearances at some of the biggest European festivals of the kind, inevitably began to be talked about. Even after four years of silence, they surprised everyone with the release of «Overlords Of Chaos», the first album with the cult seal of Shadow Kingdom Records, received with pomp and circumstance by the fanatics. And then… another long silence. In 2015, when they celebrate the first two decades of existence, they are finally back to records and on stage, with «None But The Brave».




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