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XXXAPADA NA TROMBA reveals the summer edition bands

Filipe Gomes 23/01/2016 News Comments Off on XXXAPADA NA TROMBA reveals the summer edition bands
XXXAPADA NA TROMBA reveals the summer edition bands

The portuguese brutal XXXapada na Tromba festival which is going to take place this weekend has already shown its next evolution. This time the event will take place outdoors, in July and nearby a well known beach.

Headliners will be PutridityIgorrr and Inhumate. Completing the roster are the following confirmed artists:

Kraanium (NO/UK)
Ingested (UK)
Stillbirth (DE)
Flesshless (CZ)
Devangelic (IT)
Jig-Ai (CZ)
Semen (MX)
Katalepsy (RU)
Rectal Smegma (NL)
Unfathomable Ruination (UK)
5 Stabbed 4 Corpses (DE)
Destructive Explosion Of Anal Gard (CZ)
Pulmonary Fibrosis (FR)
Serrabulho (PT)
Scent Of Death (SP/PT)
Analepsy (PT)
Urtikaria Anal (MX)
Brutal Brain Damage (PT)
Besta (PT)
Göatfukk (PT)
Kadaverficker (DE)
Fungus (PT)
Grunt (PT)
Fermented Masturbation (NOR)
Excrementory Grindfuckers (GER)
Daemusinem (IT)

Clitorape (FR)
Vizir (PT)
Cerebral Extiction (IT)
Putrid Offal (FR)
Inverted Pussyfix (NR)
Shoryukun (PT)
Party Cannon (UK)
Kaliyuga (TN/FR)
Pornthegore (RG)
Warpath (IR)
Darkal Slaves (IE)
Virulency (SP)
Shit Fucking Shit (IXth AU-HU Empire)
Smashing Dumplings (CZ)
UxLxCxMx (GR)
Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma (PT)
Prisoner 639 (UK/BE)
Kakothanasy (FR)
Brutal Sphincter (BE)
Judas Cradle (UK)
Mutilated Judge (SP)
Kriste Sacro (SP)
Happy Farm (PT)
Rape Machine (GER)
Atomgott (GER).

The festival will feature campingsite with showers and toilets, 24h/day open bar, several exhibition stands, from Harley Davidson to tattoo, fetish and other types of attractions.

€40 – if you buy before 01/03/2016
€50 – ticket price at the door




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