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Iku-Turso released today their new album “Pakana”

Elsa Marques 15/05/2020 News Comments Off on Iku-Turso released today their new album “Pakana”
Iku-Turso released today their new album “Pakana”

Forged and brewed in 2017 at Oulu, Finland and fronted by the Netherlands based vocalist Lafawijn – Iku-Turso released today “Pakana”, available as Digital, CD, LP and MC with Wolfspell Records handling all the physical versions.

The band presents their cold northern pagan spirit in the form of classic 2nd wave Black Metal sound. Below you can check a recently shared video for “Ultionis” track:

About the track:

” A Desperate man grabs his axe, tracks and hunts down the pillagers and takes revenge the ultimate way. “Destroying all hope all dreams all beliefs Lifeless bodies as far as the eye reaches.” “


(Wolfspell Records)


1. Kuolematon
2. Bellum
3. Ashes
4. Ultionis
5. Funus
6. Suru
7. Wanderer
8. Itse
9. Solace


Pakana is a concept album of a Pagan protagonist’s journey at the unforgiving wilderness of ancient Kainuu in the days of the old Gods. It is a tale told in nine parts, starting from a seemingly Immortal young heart embarking on a pagan conquest to battle and to triumph, from returning back to burned down village, taking revenge and burying his loved ones while embracing the grief and sorrow, eventually wandering off into the wilderness to discover his true self and finally finding solace at the end of his days. It is a grand display of the more folky side of Iku-Turso’s classic 2nd wave black metal sound with hints of classic Norwegian releases such as Satyricon’s Shadowthrone, Original Trilogy of Ulver, Windir and selected Burzum works and perhaps some glimpses of the works of their Finnish countrymen like Moonsorrow or Darkwoods My Betrothed but still creating a world of their own with ancient spirit of barren Kainuu wasteland and enforced with the dark Germanic heathen spirit of Lafawijn in vocals. COLD NORTHERN PAGAN SPIRIT!


About Iku-Turso:

Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube / Label


2017 – The Great Tower LP. CD & MC release in September 2017 by Wolfspell Records.
LP release in October 2018 by Vinyl Compvlsion.
2018 – Ikuinen Tuli Split LP with Kalmankantaja.
CD release in May 2018 by Wolfspell Records. LP release in January 2020 by Wolfspell Records.
2019 – Storm Over Isengard EP. MC release in August 2019 by Iku-Turso.
CD release in November 2019 by Wolfspell Records. LP release in November 2019 by His Wounds.
2020 Ikuinen Kuolema 7″ Split EP with Goats of Doom 7″ Vinyl Split EP release in March 2020 by Wolfspell Records.
2020 – Pakana LP CD, LP & MC release in May 2020 by Wolfspell Records.


Sovereign Ikuinen Kainuun Korpituli – Visions and tales of the olden days
F. Of The Hidden Dark Lands Of The North – Archaic melodies and Pagan chants
Lafawijn The Heretic – The voice of the ancestors passed
Myrrys The Unforgiving – Pagan wardrums of legend
Ruto Of The Underworld – The harbinger of disease and misfortune



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