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Interview: HUNTRESS

Rita Limede 13/10/2015 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: HUNTRESS
Interview: HUNTRESS

Jill Janus,  kindly took a few moments to talk to The Black Planet about the new Huntress album, “Static”. On this brief interview we can read about it, as well as other matters  regarding what’s coming on our way.

  1. Hi Jill! First of all, congratulations to you & the boys for another great record. What can the fans expect on this new album “Static”?

Static is our heaviest and catchiest album yet, the lyrical content especially. I delve into personal struggles that I feel fans will understand. Things I haven’t wanted to reveal until this third record.

  1. Judging by the album front cover, is there some kind of character on this album that you represent or you were inspired by?

Each Huntress album is represented by a phase of the Triple Goddess. Static is ruled by the Crone. She represents death and wisdom. The end of the Trilogy. The cover image by Vance Kelly is the Static Monster, the inspiration behind the title track.

  1. There are 3 new band members: Eli Santana, Tyler Meahl, and Spencer Jacob. What kind of input they had on the new album?

Eli and Tyler are the coolest. We have so much fun touring and hanging out. Blake Meahl had written most of the album with me before Eli and Tyler joined forces. But Eli and Tyler’s contributions were vital to making this record. Spencer Jacob only joined the band a few months ago as a touring bassist, but so far, he’s killing it. Such a solid musician.

  1. This is kinda tricky since the album is pretty recent but, do you already have favorite songs?

Each song is like a child, I can’t really say which ones are my favorites. I love them all for different reasons. “Mania” and “I Want To Wanna Wake Up” are probably the most cathartic for me. I really unleash my madness within those two.

  1. How was working with the producers Paul Fig and Jim Rota? What impact did they had on the new album?

Their impact was immense, we chose them because Huntress is evolving. We wanted a new modern sensibility and accessibility. They really focused on the songs and my vocals, having me sing over screaming, and showcasing harmonies all over this album.

  1. The previous videos have shown a strong mystical side that is explored in the lyrics. Is there any plans for more video clips or singles in the near future, and if yes, what can we expect?

We just released a killer music video for “Sorrow” directed by Phil Mucci, the same guy who directed our award-winning “Zenith.” It’s a tribute to campy Italian horror flicks from the 1970’s, particularly Mario Bava’s films.

  1. The last tour you had in Europe was with Amon Amarth and Savage Messiah. Any plans to come back to Europe as headliner or like support act in the near future?

Of course! Huntress will always tour Europe/UK heavily. We’ve worked hard to build a fanbase overseas since 2012.

  1. Excited to play at Motorboat? What are the differences to play in a venue, in a festival or in a cruise for you?

Lemmy Kilmister is a good friend, typically I would say NO to any cruise ship shows. I just don’t like being confined, especially on water. But we did play the cruise and it was cool. I was sea sick for most of it, so I’d prefer to never get on a ship again.

  1. A bit personal this one, if I may: You had serious health problems, is everything fine now? How do you feel nowadays? (I wish you all the best and hope you can get well as soon as possible.)

Yes, I am full beast mode again! I’ve been very public with my recent health issues, including uterine cancer. I’m now cancer-free after a hysterectomy. I’ve also struggled with mental health disorders for years, and I reveal these things about myself because so much of the new album is about those dark moments. But I’m more stable and the healthiest I’ve ever been.

10. Jill, I just want to say thank you very much for your time and consideration to answer to our questions. Any words you want to leave for The Black Planet and your Portuguese fans?

Watch the new Huntress music video for “Sorrow!”



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