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Preview: Fields Of The Nephilim + Bal Onirique

Carolina Ventura 17/03/2018 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Fields Of The Nephilim + Bal Onirique
Preview: Fields Of The Nephilim + Bal Onirique

Are you ready to go back in time and travel through decades of music? If you’re a Fields of Nephilim’s nostalgic fan, I’m sure you might have been waiting for this moment. This March (31th) At the Rollercoaster will take us back to the 80’s and give us the opportunity to relive the advent and consolidation of the darkwave and gothic rock that was only found in the deepest caves of the british underground. This time, our antrum will be Hard Club, and what a great place to rebuild the ether and dark atmosphere created by the cadence of that accentuated bass pitch and guitar driven musicality so characteristic of this genre.

Eight years after their last visit in 2010 (Porto’s Colosseum), Fields of the Nephilim are finally back to Portugal and we are anxious to receive them and get lost in the mystic and obscure vibe of their music. To open the night and warm up the audience, we’ll have the Portuguese Bal Onirique, a choice in perfect harmony with the ambiance that one would expect in this night.

Info regarding the tickets and the show

You can get your ticket beforehand for the price of 25€ via paypal and bank transfer or at the usual places: Hard Club, Piranha Music Store and Bunker store. If you have any additional question or need more info, just email:

The show is scheduled to start at 21h00, so don’t be late because Bal Onirique will surely build up a great and out of this world atmosphere, to set us in the mood to receive our headliners.

Facebook event of the show:

Fields of the Nephilim

Fallen to earth, Fields of the Nephilim is “one of those bands that isn’t just any other band”; and nowadays, even if we tried (but we won’t, because we really don’t want to). It would be impossible to dissociate the goth and other underground aesthetics and movements from their sonority. Although the group’s musical identity is a clear and consistent gothic rock, along their journey they have been adding some new elements to their work, namely from the industrial scene.

Drowning into their music is also getting caught and entangled in centuries of arcane esoterism and the mysteries of Magick. As Carl McCoy himself claims, he regards his on-stage performances as theurgic, magical and shamanic workings. Beyond that, Fields of the Nephilim have been conjugating this mystic with the dusty and ravaged scenarios of Spaghetti Westerns.

Although there have been some lineup changes along the way, one thing that always remained the same is the omnipresent deep voice of Carl McCoy, the frontman of the group. And considering all the changes and interregnums, one almost feels an urgency to watch them before something definitive happens (even if this particular band there’s a high risk of getting covered in flour).

Bal Onirique

Directly from Porto and after four years of deep slumber, this gothic rock band finally awakens and gets back to the studio. And what could be better than restart a career by opening the stage to a legendary band like Fields of the Nephilim (one of the major Gothic Rock representatives)?

Bal Onirique emerges as an anachronistic act that will bring us the sonority of all the good old “darkwaves” of the 80’s. And now, returning with a new lineup, we are all curious to see the performance of this promising reloaded group. And as they say in their Bandcamp, this night will be about “music before all things” and getting “immersed entirely in a complete escape from the world”.

Text by: Carolina Ventura

Managing Editor: Rita Limede




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