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ETHMEBB – La quête du Saint Grind

Zé Serôdio 25/09/2017 Comments Off on ETHMEBB – La quête du Saint Grind

Hailing from France, Ethmebb is an independent 4-piece epic progressive death metal band with folk and symphonic elements. The group is composed by Damien Baissile (Drums), Rémi Molette (Vocals, Guitars), François Zillon (Bass, Backing Vocals), Victor Gnôle (Guitars, Backing Vocals).

After releasing their first EP called “Lost My Grind” in 2013, the band recorded and released the first full-length “La quête du Saint Grind” early this year.

“La quête du Saint Grind” contains seven songs, each one being longest, craziest and more epic than the previous one. Throughout the album you can hear some influences of the band. Wintersun, Ensiferum and some other bands can be remembered in various parts of the songs. The sixth song of the album (“Pirates of the Caribou”) reminds of the movies “Pirates of the Carabbean” because of the lyrics and the different “stages” of the song.

The lyrics in this album are all in French and tell humorous tale of a fantasy medieval quest. This atmosphere is created with the help of well arranged orchestrations which mark their presence throughout the entire record. The whole vibe of the record breathes good spirits, some humor, and epic grandeur, typical of bands like Eluveitie and early Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (harsher parts and vocals).

In conclusion, “La quête du Saint Grind” is an album for any metalhead who enjoys progressive and melodic death metal with folk influences. It is so epic, cheerful and contains so many changes in the sound throughout the songs, that never makes the listener bored.



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Review by: José Serôdio
Managing editor: Filipe Gomes



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