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Report: Suidakra + Dark Oath + Vendetta FM @Stairway Club

Melissa Poseyydon 28/01/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Suidakra + Dark Oath + Vendetta FM @Stairway Club
Report: Suidakra + Dark Oath + Vendetta FM @Stairway Club

With an extensive career of over 23 years and 12 studio albums, Suidakra have prospered under the comand of Arkadius Antonik, and have returned to Portugal with their most recent work “Realms of Odoric”. The group, together with Dark Oath and Vendetta FM, performed at the Stairway Club in Cascais, for the first, of many, warm up event for the second edition of Vagos Metal Fest.

Spanish hardcore band Vendetta FM were the opening act of the nigth. Although the room was still a little empty, the band gave their best from the start, with a very energetic gig. They presented their latest work “Inocencia Perdida”, and third studio album, from 2015, which the audience was not entirely familiar with. By the end of their show, the room was a little bit more full, and the response was warmer, thus the band invited the crowd to come closer and participate.

Dark Oath, were next, having managed to captivate the audience. The room was now at great capacity to welcome the young portuguese melodic death metal band. Starting out with “Tree Of Life”, an epic and melodic track taken from their debut record “When Fire Engulfs The Earth”, released last year and the main reason why the band was there. With a strong stage presence, the frontwoman managed to call upon the audience participation and interaction. In the end, we are left with the amazinh visual picture of the two guitarists syncronized headbanging, which reminded us of the “Pursuit Of Vikings” video from Amon Amarth.

Finally, Suidakra stepped onto the stage, opening the show with the revelations of their last album “Realms of Odoric”, continuing with the Arturian tales of “Pendragon Fall’s” which definined the mythical and epic tone of the night, well to the liking of their mentor Arkadius.

Suidakra’s approach to the show was fantastic, with the setlist being heavily featured by the incredible “March of Conquest,” “Balor” or “Isle of Skye”, some unforgettable melodies such as “Dead Man’s Reel” and a delightful blend of epic moments and heavy sound such as “The Hunter’s Horde”.

The audience despite being reduced in number, was highly motivated for the Suidakra show, making the band responded with energy, friendliness and a pleasant proximity with the crowd. In the end the audience asked for two more songs and the band acceded their request, playing “Pictish Pride”, one of the most incredible works of the last album and “Wartunes”, which caused an enthusiastic response by the audience. Although their career is long, the band is not very well know around Portugal, so let us hope that the incredible show they put up, would help change that in the future.

Words by: Melissa Poseyydon
Photos by: Melissa Poseyydon and João “Speedy” Santos
Special thanks to: Amazing Events and Vagos Metal Fest



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