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Report: Deafheaven + Myrkur @ RCA Club

Rita Limede 06/03/2016 Reports Comments Off on Report: Deafheaven + Myrkur @ RCA Club
Report: Deafheaven + Myrkur @ RCA Club

On a cold Friday night, RCA Club presented two acts together that claimed their own space in the black metal genre: Myrkur with her melancholic black metal making the debut in Portugal, and Deafheaven with their post black metal, returning to present their new album “New Bermuda”.

The fans of Myrkur started gathering around the stage early, with hunger for the performance of an act so different from the usual black metal, as well as controversial. But the passion for the music is stronger than any boundaries, and the gig was great. In a quiet way the fans started to cheer to the band, and their response was great, especially the guitar player, always looking to bring the crowd into the grimness created by the band. Songs like “Den lillepigesdød”, “Hævnen”, “Ondebørn”, “Mordet”, and “Skaði”delighted the crowd, but the best was saved for last: a brilliant vocal cover of Bathory “Song to Hall up High”, that closed a triumphant debut in Portugal, showing that black metal can evolve and should evolve. Myrkur’s voice is something really admirable live.


After such a performance, Deafheaven had a stack really high to climb, but as stars of the night, they didn’t disappoint the audience, that composed the place. They delivered a performance full of energy, with the vocalist George Clarke always interacting with the crowd, coming back and forward on stage, never giving a single moment of rest to anyone, as the band played songs like “Brought to the Water”, “Luna”, “Baby Blue”, “Come Back” (a song that most of the crowd wanted to hear), “Gifts for the Earth”, “Dream House”, and the most acclaimed “Sunbather”. The crowd responded really well, always moving around in a moshpit when possible, also due the great performance of the drummer Daniel Tracy. By the end, the fans were really happy, stunned by the energy that the band delivered, and even the ones that didn’t knew them would be impressed by the gig.

Everyone felt by the end of the night, that we’ve watched two great bands, taking nothing for granted and showing what they worth, exactly where’s supposed to be: on stage.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen

Photos by: Daniel Lemminkainen and Sandra Luna Steele

Special thanks to Amplificasom



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