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Impureza launch new song ”Sangre para los dioses”

Zé Serôdio 06/09/2017 News Comments Off on Impureza launch new song ”Sangre para los dioses”
Impureza launch new song ”Sangre para los dioses”

”La caída de Tonatiuh” is to be released on November 10th by Season Of Mist.

French death metal band Impureza launched a new song called ”Sangre para los dioses”. This song is part of the upcoming album ”La caída de Tonatiuh”.

You can check the lyric video here:

”La caída de Tonatiuh” its the second album to be released by Impureza and follow-up to their 2010’s album ”La Iglesia Del Odio”. For those who don’t know, Impureza are an unique band due to their mix of death metal with flamenco elements. Note that although they are French, they sing in Spanish.

Impureza express the traditional part of their musical heritage through the use of acoustic folk guitars, flamenco rhythm patterns, and exclusive Spanish lyrics. This concept derives from the personal interest of the founding member Lionel Cano Muñoz and his “compañero” Esteban Martín. They are both of Spanish origin and draw inspiration from their family identity.


You can pre-order the album here.

”La caída de Tonatiuh” artwork (Johann Bodin) and tracklist:


“La Caída de Tonatiuh”
Season Of Mist – 2017

1. Lamentos de un condenado 03:03
2. Sangre para los dioses 06:17
3. Otumba, 1520 05:25
4. El Dorado 00:55
5. Abre-aguas (En la tormenta de Tlaloc) 05:11
6. Leyenda negra 04:58
7. Corazón al cielo (Homenaje a Paco de Lucía) 01:29
8. Camino hacia Mictlán 03:49
9. El nuevo reino de los ahorcados 05:04
10. Último día del Omeyocán 04:19
11. La caída de Tonatiuh 05:58
12. La llegada de los Teules 03:43


About Impureza

Lionel Muñoz – Guitars
Guillermo Auge – Drums
Florian Saillard – Bass
Esteban Martin – Vocals
Olivier Hanoulle – Guitars

Facebook  | Homepage | Bandcamp

Text by Zé Serôdio
Managing Editor: Filipe Gomes / Elsa Marques



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