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Loits is back with a Ved Buens Ende cover

Elsa Marques 15/05/2019 News Comments Off on Loits is back with a Ved Buens Ende cover
Loits is back with a Ved Buens Ende cover

The Estonian band Loits has shown vital signs! They came back with an homage to the avant-garde black metal band Ved Buens Ende.

When everyone was almost certain that no serious shelling will ever come from those guns again, Loits did it again. This seems to be a Loits trait. Categorized by some as a NS band, it is good to remember Lembetu ‘s (the leader of Loits) words on an interview for Estonian Metal. They are not, by any means, related to this ideology and they like to call their style “Militant Flak ‘N’ Roll”.

We own the birth of this slogan to our friend Mart Kalvet from the band Herald, who figured that instead of ‘black’ we could use ‘flak’ (anti-air gun), a word with a similar pronouncement. It fits our ideology and message much better. And because our new songs are strongly influenced by rock’n’roll music and attitude it is quite logical that soon ‘flak metal’ became ‘flak’n’roll”. So the new Loits style name ‘militant flak’n’roll’ was born!”

(You can read the full interview here.)

This time they fire with a cover song. Loits pays respect to the Norwegian avantgarde black metal band Ved Buens Ende, who is also slowly but surely waking up from slumber. “Ved Buens Ende’s only full-length “Written in Waters” (1995) was one of the main musical catalysts for the formation of Loits in 1996. In the light of events at that time, like burning churches, different sorts of black metal started to surface; for example In The Woods, Fleurety, Ulver and of course Ved Buens Ende.

This freshly release by Loits is meant to celebrate all these wayward bands, explained Lembetu. The cover of Ved Buens Ende’s “You, that May Wither” is going to be featured on a Loits compilation to be release by Those Opposed Records in France. The compilation is due later this year and will include three Loits 7″ releases in their entirety, plus a couple of extra tracks.

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